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Our Development Strategy

At Sicon we take the development of our products very seriously. With many hundreds of organisations and many thousands of users relying on them on a daily basis it is essential that they are up to the job.

Our Development Approach
The majority of our products now evolve in a 3-6 month cycle.  At the start of the cycle we will review the wish list and known issues and prioritise these into the work plan for the development phase.  In addition to this, we often have entirely new features that are being added to the products; these will generally be included in the new features section ahead of time.  At the end of the development cycle, the products are fully tested and documented in the online Help and User Guides before being officially released as a new version.
During the development cycle (between official release versions), there will be interim versions available to Business Partners and clients who wish to use new features as they are added.  These versions will not have documentation added to the web site help and user guides for the new features and will not go through the full testing process until the end of the development cycle, but will be suitable for demonstration & testing purposes. They will include selected Wish List items and project specific functionality.  We will install these versions onto live systems where the new features are needed but clients should be aware that there is a small risk associated with using an interim version.  The risk is small or we would not allow it, but where the benefit outweighs the risk we are happy to work with clients to deliver improvements to the products early (if Customers do not wish to have an interim version, they will need to wait for the release version to become available).  This version will not be available for Business Partners to download, but will be available where we are working on joint projects and developing specific functionality.
All product documentation will be made available in the Sicon Help & User Guides.  This will become the online help for all products as they go through the next development cycle.  This area will include installation instructions, things to think about before starting to implement the product and helpful hints/tips to get the most from our products.  These guides will be updated with each development cycle, which may result in users of older versions seeing newer user guides.  To make this clear there is a release note section explaining what new features have been added in each version so that users can identify if an upgrade is required or if the missing item is an option setting issue.
Known Issues
We will share known issues with our business partners and clients so that if you come across a problem you can quickly see if we are already aware of it and when it will be dealt with.
Release Notes
The release notes are generally a bit ‘techie’, but they do include a list of what fixes are included in each new release of the software.  New features and functionality may also be included in this list.
Wish List & New Features
The Sicon Wish List and new features will hold a full list of new features and changes requested by customers/planned by Sicon that we are considering adding to the product.  In the future, we hope to add voting to this section so that we can gain some feedback on which items are most popular and useful to clients.

Sage Products

Whatever the size of your business, Sage and Sicon have software and services to meet all of your requirements.

Sage Solutions - 200 Suite

The Sage 200 Suite is an integrated, intuitive and flexible suite of software and services.  Bringing sales, service and financial information together; Sage 200 helps growing business co-ordinate their operations

Product Information

CRM & Contact Management

Sage CRM is a feature rich Customer Relationship Management solution which is easy-to-use and fast to deploy.  It is available as a standalone application and also as part of the Sage 200 Suite.

Product Information

Sicon Additions for Sage 200

Sicon Additions for Sage 200 contains a variety of products that compliment Sage 200.  Products include, WAP, DMS, Fixed Assets, Cash Flow Manager, Hire Manger, Service Manager and Audit Log.

Product Information

Sage Payroll and Sage HR

Sage Payroll and Sage HR is the payroll software for small businesses.  Take care of your essentials, be compliant with HMRC, email payslips or submit year end reports to HMRC totally securely.

Product Information

Sage Manufacturing

Sicon Manufacturing Suite for Sage 200 offers a range of modules that can be used individually or together to create an extremely flexible solution for any type of manufacturing or project costing business requirement.

Product Information

Sage Mobile Products

Sage 200 Mobile Products: In today’s fast paced business world, the mobile workforce is fundamentally changing the way we work.  Sage 200 Mobile offers you and your busines an alternative way of working and opens up new markets.

Product Information

Sage Pay & Merchant Services

Sage Pay Go is an online payment service that is complete, simple to manage and easy to integrate.  Sage Pay Go is altogether the minimum of fuss and hassle, which means you’re free to get on with running your business.

Product Information
For further details about Sage Products or to arrange a demonstration please call Gavin or Richard on 0845 1300 188 or 01284 722850

Network Services

CRM Network Services Logo

With over 200 clients in East Anglia ranging from 5 to 150 users, we have quality advice to offer in this very important area of your business systems.  A reliable and efficient network operating system with high levels of security is essential for a stable and efficient business.

These are just a few of the support services we can offer so please give us a call to discuss your business requirements on 0845 1300 188

Technical Support

At Sicon, we are able to offer you support and advice on all aspects of your network, hardware, operating systems and security products.  With our support, you can ensure your systems are available and efficient every day of the week.More Information

Online Backup

Sicon have been teamed with Attix5 for several years to provide a low cost, highly secure Internet based backup solution to our customers.  Online backup can reduce the risk of backup hardware failure – with its own associated costs.More Information


Server virtualisation has been gaining popularity in the SME marketplace for sometime.  Sicon are pleased to offer a variety of solutions ranging from a single virtual host, through to multiple hosts with shared storage arrays.  More Information

Network Security

Sicon offer a range of Network Security Solutions.  Software available includes, Web Filtering solutions from Barracuda, Anti-Virus solutions from Trend Micro and Email Security solutions from Websence. More Information

Hardware Solutions

Sicon recommends Fujitsu Hardware for Servers, PC’s and Laptops.  With highly reliable products and comprehensive onsite warranties these brands are a good choice for any business solution.  Sicon are Fujitsu Select Partners.More Information

Sicon Ball Christmas Sicon offices and support will be closed this year (in addition to the bank holidays 25th/26th Dec & 1st Jan) from 12.30pm 24th December 2014, 12.30pm 31st December 2014 and all day 2nd January 2015

Support Services

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8.45 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday
(Excluding Public Bank Holidays)

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Technical Support

At Sicon we are able to offer you support and advice on all aspects of your network, hardware, operating systems and security products.

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Help & User Guides

Help and User Guides are a unique and free support tool designed to help you install and use Sicon Products.

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