Enhancement Pack

Enhancement Pack – Sicon has created many enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own.  In order to make these readily available we have added them to our Enhancement Pack.

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Enhancement Pack – Detailed Description

FREE TRIAL: For a free 30 day trial of any of the Sicon modules please contact your Sage Business Partner who will be able to assist you in the installation of the software.  Depending on the complexity of your requirements this may incur some chargeable consultancy time.

Sales and Purchase Ledger

Auto check duplicate purchase invoice: automates the existing duplicate invoice check in POP matching and invoice entry. This enhancement can also be used to check for duplicate invoices across multiple Sage 200 companies.

Direct Debit Export: Flag customer accounts as Direct Debit clients and export all due invoices that are not flagged as queried to a csv file format. It is assumed that all invoices will be collected so receipts are processed to each account and allocated to the invoices included in the export file. Any direct debit issues are resolved manually in the sales ledger.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Memo Tabs for Sales and Purchase Orders: A new tab to allow users to create multiple memo’s against each Sales or Purchase orders. Tab shows number of memo’s recorded against each order. Can be linked to a diary function to set reminders against memo’s.

Order Processing Pop-up for SOP & POP: To display special instructions or procedural reminders (e.g. always obtain PO) at order entry time. Created on a new tab on customer and supplier record.

View SOP & POP account memo’s: provides a new button on Sales and purchase orders to allow the user to view Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger memo’s directly.

Customisable Sales Order Status: A simple utility to allow users to create sales order status’s for. Access the status through the list view to create a workflow for departments.

SOP & POP Analysis Codes ‘drop down lists’: Create additional customer and supplier analysis codes with the same name as the analysis codes you are using in SOP and POP.

A drop down list is automatically created in the Order header and item lines showing the options available from the customer and supplier analysis code maintenance

Amend Sales order lines in a grid: Allow the user to amend dates without having to open each sales order line and amend them one at a time.

Edit Purchase Order delivery Address: Edit the standard delivery address tab on a Purchase Order – normally you are not able to amend these fields.

Intelligent Sales order ‘On Hold’: Based on credit limit plus the dates the goods will ship on each item line, forecast payment schedule dates and the amount of stock allocated on the order. Can also place the order on hold from the allocation of stock in SOP or Stock.

SOP Export Reference: Allows the user to create a new reference number and notes for export work. This unique reference number can then be used on Quotes, Proforma’s, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices ensuring that documents used for export always carry the same unique identification number.

Stock Control

Customer Stock Codes: Enter a customer specific stock code against Sage 200 stock items. The customer stock code can be printed on any SOP document, delivery notes, invoices etc.

Retrospective Stock Valuation Sage 200: Value stock at any historical date, with item drill down showing every transaction movement and cost from today’s level backwards to the chosen date.

Stock Take from Excel: Run the Sage 200 stock take then create spreadsheets for stock taking.  Once updated import these spreadsheets and either adjust the stock take screen values or post the adjustments with the correct date to stock transaction history with the correct costing method (not average) for each adjustment made.

Stock Location Wizard: Allows bulk addition and removal of warehouse and bin locations.

Populate all Warehouses: When adding a new stock item all warehouses are updated.

Stock Update from csv - Keep your stock data in a spreadsheet and import it back into Sage to bulk update fields including stock descriptions, product groups, prices, suppliers, search categories, warehouse and bin information. (Sage business rules still apply to this utility).

Price Bands

Price band’s by delivery location: Allows additional price lists to be created and linked to each Sales Order delivery address rather than just to the customer

Multiple price bands per customer: Allows allocation of several price bands that can be used against a customer during the Sales Order process. i.e. Pick price band A or B to be available for a specific customer