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All prices are exclusive of VAT.  Annual maintenance and support is charged at 30% of RRP at the time of the contract renewal.

Last updated February 2018



Sicon Financials

Sicon Product


Annual Support


This section covers the Sicon modules typically used by finance teams to streamline common financial and business processes. These modules may simply enhance existing Sage 200 modules to provide extended functionality or provide entirely new modules and processing tools that are fully integrated with many of the standard Sage 200 modules.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Annual Maintenance & Support is charged at 30% of RRP at the time of the contract renewal.

Sicon Audit Log for Sage 200 Audit Log

Track changes to ledgers, sales and purchase orders, stock items etc. 



Per Sage Install

Sicon Cash Flow Manager for Sage 200 Cash Flow

Fully integrated within Sage 200 this module provides a spread sheet style view of income and expenditure down to a daily view. Design your own categories and cash flow structure model to group up similar items.
Incorporating all bank balances, Sales & Purchase Invoices with forecast cash movement dates, Sales and Purchase Orders, Direct Debits and Standing Orders, Nominal budget forecasts plus the ability to add other expenses and income into the planner module.
£1,500 £450 Per Sage Install

Sicon Contract Manager for Sage 200 Contracts

Control renewals and repeat invoices, Manage Deferred postings and monthly revenue recognition.    As above plus; Track Revenue, costs, stock issues and labour time to contracts or projects. 
£2,500 £750 Per Sage Install

Sicon DMS for Sage 200 Document Management (DMS)

(Document Scanning, Archiving & Retrieval)

Scan & View User Licence £350 £105 Per User
View Only User Licence £150 £45 Per User

Sicon Enhancement Packs for Sage 200 Enhancement Packs

NB: Please check the Sicon web site ‘Help and User guides’ section for a complete list of enhancements and functionality.
£750 £225 Per Sage Install

Sicon Fixed Assets for Sage 200 Sicon Fixed Assets

Manage all your business assets in one place, with five depreciation methods available including options for percentage and life in periods.  There are many reports included within the product, which will enable you to print information based on criteria that you wish to view.
£1500 £795 £450 Per Sage Install

Sicon Intercompany Transactions for Sage 200 Intercompany

Post Nominal Journals, stock & cash between multiple Sage companies to avoid imbalances on intercompany control accounts. Journals or invoices created depending on the VAT association of the companies.
£1,500 £450 Per Sage Install

Sicon Direct Debit Integration for Sage 200 Direct Debit integration

Collect funds faster and more efficiently with better cash flow, improved customer service and easy budgeting.
NB: Sicon Direct Debit Integration does not itself send the output file directly to the bank, it is saved within the Sicon solution and picked up from within the 3rd party solution (such as BottomLine PT-X or eCollect or the relevant Banks own solution).
£1,500 £450 Per Sage Install

Sicon Task & Contact Manager for Sage 200 Tasks & Contacts

A simple contact management system with notes, actions, tasks and reminders plus simple mobile and e-marketing integration.
£150 £45 Per User


The Sicon Web API will allow 3rd Party developers to integrate with Sicon Products.
NB: this not to be used for integration with Sage 200, for integration to Sage 200 developers should speak to Sage directly about their Web API.
£2,000 £600 Per Sage Site License


Annual Support/Maintenance is mandatory, the product will stop working if subscription is not maintained

Note: Sage Web User Licence required if Service Engineer Tablet Users purchased (1 web user licence per site required)


Sicon Commercials

Sicon Project Costing RRP Annual Support Unit
Sicon Job costing is designed specifically for Sage 200, integrating with Purchase ledger, SOP, POP, Stock, Time Recording and Works Order Processing. It provides solutions for clients in manufacturing, construction, software development and all types of contract management

Sicon Job Costing for Sage 200 Job Costing

 Work in Progress, Timesheets, Stock issues, Purchase Orders & Revenue
£3,500 £1,050 Per Sage Site License



Sicon Product


Annual Support


The Sicon Commercial Modules are designed to provide solutions to complex business processes in specialist market sectors. These modules link with many of the standard Sage 200 modules to provide a truly integrated solution with no duplication or synchronisation of any data.

Mobile device integration is important to our clients so we have made tablet interfaces available for service engineers, Shop Floor Data Capture and barcoding available for manufacturers and Web updates are provided for Surveyors needing to value supplier applications in the construction sector. Sales teams can access & update client data and create sales reports while on the road while responding to notes and reminders from the office staff.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Annual Maintenance & Support is charged at 30% of RRP at the time of the contract renewal.

Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing for Sage 200 Barcoding & Warehousing

Integrated in real time with the Sage 200 stock and order processing modules, plus it fully supports all of the Sicon additions including Job Costing for issues and returns, Works Order Processing for picking and building assemblies, and Distribution for pre-allocation of stock at goods in.
£5,000 £1,500 Per Sage Site License

Barcoding Named Tablet Users

(includes Sicon Web API – please refer to the notes)

£150 £45 Each

Sicon Construction Manager for Sage 200 Construction

(includes Job Costing)

£7,000 £2,100 Per Sage Site License
The following Construction modules can be purchased individually (unless otherwise stated).


(Including CITB)

This is an enhancement to the existing Sage 200 Purchase Ledger to allow processing of Sub Contractor invoices with CIS and CITB deductions. Supports full online HMRC verification and monthly submissions, with standard subcontract reports and certificate production. Tax is deducted at invoice entry and held in a CIS control account. CIS payments are based on the payments made to the subcontractors.
CITB deductions are only made if cost recovery is required from the subcontractor. If no deduction is made the company specific percentage charge settings will post CITB levy values to a CITB control account for the labour only subcontractors invoice values.
£1,500 £450 Per Sage Site License


This new ledger is designed to handle the processing of Retentions on sales and purchase invoices. At purchase invoice entry or sales invoice posting a percentage deduction is made and posted to the retentions ledger for later release or chasing. Retentions can be released early with an option to apply a discount. The Retentions control account provides a single figure for reconciliation. This module can be used with the CIS module.
£1,000 £300 Per Sage Site License

Applications and Valuations 

NB: Requires Sicon Job Costing to be installed in order to store key costing information and to handle period end job balances

Managing applications to clients and applications from sub-contractors this module extends the construction industry specific functionality. Including a detailed cumulative job costing position for each period end with retrospective reporting, and WIP calculation.
Sub Contract applications are entered for processing awaiting valuation. Agreed valuations are then used to produce the certificates and payments to the sub-contractors in the construct costing. CIS, CITB and retentions are applied where relevant. Client Applications are created and held waiting valuation agreement at which point invoices are generated and included in Job Costing.
£2,000 £600 Per Sage Site License

Sicon Distribution Manager for Sage 200 Distribution

£6,000 £1,800 Per Sage Site License
The Sicon Distribution bundle is made up of the following modules, which can be purchased individually (unless otherwise stated).

Distribution – Standard

(Telesales / stock movements / enhanced stock balances)

Enhancements to SOP & Stock. Control allocation of SOP orders based on promised date. Drill down on Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes & Proformas. Enhanced Stock balances shows ‘Forward Order’ Quantity with drill down. Cumulative daily stock balances created to see when stock will run out.
£2,500 £750 Per Sage Site License

Distribution – Advanced

(Material planning/suggested PO’s/min stock calculator/Stock Movements/Pre-Allocations)

Dynamic calculation of Min stock levels based on sales/usage history. Suggested Purchase orders created for stock demand, shortages and imported sales forecasts. ‘Pre-Allocate’ stock – a virtual allocation of outstanding purchase orders  to a sales order which are auto allocated at goods recieved.
£3,500 £1,050 Per Sage Site License

Sicon Hire Manager for Sage 200 Hire

Sicon Fixed Asset items available to hire. Hire diary view for each asset. Invoice daily, weekly, monthly or on a per hire occasion. Price book selling prices for customer hire. Buy in hire equipment and re-hire. Generate Hire contract documentation. Detailed hire costing including supplier costs incurred. Asset profitability for a given date range, including revenue, costs and time booked.
£5,000 £1,500 Per Sage Site License


Create service contracts with Monthly, Quarterly or Annual renewals. Generate contract renewal notifications, orders and invoices. Manage deferred revenue postings. Record stock sold from Sage against a service contract & customer location. Record and manage service calls and allocation of engineers. Generate call out documentation and ad hoc invoices for chargeable work. Integration with Outlook, Blackberry and iPhone provides engineers with call details. Detailed contract costing including recurring revenues, supplier invoices and time recorded. Create contract structures to group individual contracts together.
£7,500 £2,250 Per Sage Site License

Service Named Tablet Users

(Includes Sicon Web API) – please refer to the notes

Where purchased, an external address will need to be set up and a SSL certificate purchased by the company if they want to access it without a VPN.  Otherwise it will only be accessible on their network.

£150 £45 Per User

Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200 Manufacturing

(Includes Job Costing)

£8,000 £2,400 Per Sage Site License
The following Manufacturing modules can be purchased individually (unless otherwise stated).

Works Order Processing

(Extends existing Sage 200 BOM Functionality)

Generate amendable works orders from BOM’s, Sales Orders, Back Flush Batch/Serial Items, Allocate and Issue stock items on a line by line basis, create estimate works orders, schedule start and due dates and much more. Create blank works orders where no BOM exists.
£3,500 £1,050 Per Sage Site License

Material and Resource Planning

Used in conjunction with works orders this module provides a simple MRP solution including suggested works orders and purchase orders from works order shortages, daily/weekly labour and machine rough cut capacity planning with graphical display and drill down, forecast sales order import.  (Shop floor data capture available as an add-on using Sicon WAP with Time and Attendance.)
£2,500 £750 Per Sage Site License


Where ‘Bills of Material’ is too complex, this simple list of parts (kit) provides an easy solution. Single level parts lists that can be issued to make a finished product, directly from Sage 200 Sales order processing.
£1,000 £300 Per Sage Site License
NB: Add the Sicon WAP T&A solution to provide Touch Screen Interface Terminals for shop floor data capture.  Compatible with  Sicon Job Costing and Sicon Works Orders.  Includes the ability to amend works orders with user permissions.


Annual Support/Maintenance is mandatory, the product will stop working if subscription is not maintained

Note: Sage Web User Licence required if Service Engineer Tablet Users purchased (1 web user licence per site required)


Sicon WAP

Sicon Product


Annual Support


Sicon WAP for Sage 200 WAP – Web Authorisation

WAP is a locally installed web based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200. Providing data entry and approval processing for business documents including Requisitions, Invoices, Expenses, Timesheets, Holidays, Sales Orders and HR. Approvals can be based on parameters such as nominal code, project/job, user, document type and value. Real-time analysis of committed costs, nominal and project actual costs against budgets.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Annual Maintenance & Support is charged at 30% of RRP at the time of the contract renewal.

Purchase Requisitions & Approvals Module


£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License

Sales Order Entry & Approval Module

£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License

Invoice Approval Module

(with scanned document viewing when installed with Sicon DMS)

£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License

Expenses Entry & Approval  Module

(linked to Sage puchase ledger accounts)

£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License

Time Sheets & Time and Attendance Module*

(integrates with Sage Project Accounting & Sicon Job Costing)

£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License

Holiday Requests and Approvals

(Payroll integration removed)

£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License


£1,750 £525 Per Sage Site License
WAP Users (per named active WAP user – leavers do not require a user licence) £150 £45 Each
Unlimited WAP Users (100 users) £15,000 £4,500 100+ Users
*Time and Attendance Only User (per named active Timesheet users) £50 £15 Each
*Unlimited T&A Users £5,000 £1,500 100+ Users
*Time and Attendance 15″ Touch Screen and Windows Terminal £650 £100 Each
NB: Price for Touch Screen is approximate and subject to Hardware
WAP integration for Project Accounting, Sage Payroll or Sage Construct £500 £150 Each


Annual Support/Maintenance is mandatory, the product will stop working if subscription is not maintained

Note: Sage Web User Licence required if Service Engineer Tablet Users purchased (1 web user licence per site required)

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