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System Setup FAQ's

How do we connect to your system?
We can either connect directly onto the server or via a PC using Go-To-Assist. We do prefer to connect directly to the server where possible; direct access doesn’t tie up a PC for the duration of the install.

What product version will I have installed onto my system?

Our products are in a four monthly cycle, but will receive Hot Fix updates for bug fixes and minor product changes to release versions throughout the year. At the start of the cycle we will review the wish list and known issues and prioritise these into the work plan for the development phase. In addition to this, we often have entirely new features that are being added to the products; these will generally be included in the new features section ahead of time.  At the end of the development cycle, the products are fully tested and documented in the online Help and User Guides before being officially released as a new version.

During the development cycle (between official release versions), there will be pre-release versions available to Business Partners and clients who wish to use new features as they are added. These versions will not have documentation added to the online Help and User Guides for the new features and will not go through the full testing process until the end of the development cycle, but will be suitable for demonstration & testing purposes. They will include selected Wish List items and project specific functionality.  We will install these versions onto live systems where the new features are needed but clients should be aware that there is a small risk associated with using a pre-release version. The risk is small or we would not allow it, but where the benefit outweighs the risk we are happy to work with clients to deliver improvements to the products early (if Customers do not wish to have a pre-release version, they will need to wait for the release version to become available). This version will not be available for Business Partners to download, but will be available where we are working on joint projects and developing specific functionality.

If you would rather wait for an official release, please contact the Project Admin Team to put your installation on hold.


How long will a new Service installation take?
We will schedule ½ a day to complete the install.


How long will a Service upgrade take?
We will schedule 1 hour to conduct an upgrade, but it may not take this long.


We recommend that only a couple of Superusers attend the training sessions. Our training is on a train the trainer scenario, where our consultants will train the Superusers on how to set up the system and how to use it. The Superusers will then roll out the module to the end users.

How do we connect to carry out Service training?

We ask that you check with your IT department prior to the initial training session that there will be no firewall issues in using this method of connection. If there are likely to be security issues, please contact your project administrator and we will be happy to find a solution.

Will the product training happen at the same time as a Service installation?
No. This will be scheduled with the relevant parties after the installation. This allows for any issues found during installation to be resolved and ensure all systems are working as they should be.

Service Mobile

What software is installed for the Service Engineers Tablet ?

Service Mobile is installed as described in  the installation guide (please click below to download this for reference), once installed manually via IIS  the install creates a web.config file and during install we have to say what sage 200 company to point the tablet software to.

NB: if this will be to a sage 200 test company first , once testing is complete  prior to going live the web.config file would need to be changed to point to the new live company; noting it’s the company name not the database name.

Ahead of install  the customers  I.T department will need to set up an external address and purchase a SSL Certificate if they want to access it without a VPN, otherwise it will only be accessible on their network.  I.T departments will know about SSL certificates and this information will need to be advised before the install is carried out.

Installing Sicon Service Mobile for Sage 200

Sicon Service Mobile – browser recommendations:

Windows Desktop:

  • Chrome (Recommended)
  • Firefox (Likely to work, but not tested)
  • Internet Explorer/Edge (Not recommended, there are display issues at very least)


  • Chrome (Recommended)
  • Stock Browser (Very dependent on device and Android version)


  • Safari (Recommended)
  • Chrome (Suitable alternative)

Can I train my engineers on PC’s Laptops prior to them having tablets ?

If you are looking to initially train on laptops or PC’s from within the office (or indeed remotely) that’s fine and no hardware pre requisites apply – as long as the software is installed as described within the Installing Sicon Service Mobile for Sage 200 document (there is no client software) and as long as they have internet access, (we recommend Chrome) they will access the pre-defined Service URL.  It loads the same pages as what the tablet would display , but instead of clicking on the screen (like the engineers would do on the tablets) they will click the buttons using the mouse.

Prior to training, the engineers would need to be set up as below:

  1. As employees within Job Costing, for admin staff to schedule the engineers on appointments with a case:
  2. Within Service>Settings>Mobile, be set up with mobile user names and passwords and marked as Enabled or Not Enabled for Mobile allocate user names and passwords:


What level of data security is provided with the Service Mobile App?

Our WebAPI can be configured use HTTPS encryption, requiring a digital certificate to be applied to the website and thus ensuring that communications between the Service Mobile app and our WebAPI use end-to-end encryption.

Mobile User passwords are salted and hashed, making them unrecoverable from the database.

Google Maps

Do we need anything additional in order to use the Google Maps tool within the Service Module?

Yes, in Service, we use the following:

  • Distance Matrix API
    • SKU: Distance Matrix
  • Geolocation API
    • SKU: Geocoding

Please refer to the Google API web page for information on Sicon Module Usage, Pricing and Obtaining a Google API Key.

Sicon Module Usage Explained, Pricing & Obtaining a Google API Key
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