WAP Project FAQ’s


General FAQ's

Am I able to get a copy of a sample WAP PO layout?
Yes. Just drop your account manager or project admin contact an email and we will send this to you.

What layout are the WAP reports available in and can I export them into a different format?
Reports are either written as a standard report, or a customisable grid. Both have the export options. You can see various options on the link below. Each export option will need to be specifically handled so we would need output types beforehand.

System Setup FAQ's

How do we connect to your system?
We can either connect directly onto the server or via a PC using Go-To-Assist. We do prefer to connect directly to the server where possible; direct access doesn’t tie up a PC for the duration of the install.

What product version will I have installed onto my system?

Our products are in a four monthly cycle, but will receive Hot Fix updates for bug fixes and minor product changes to release versions throughout the year. At the start of the cycle we will review the wish list and known issues and prioritise these into the work plan for the development phase. In addition to this, we often have entirely new features that are being added to the products; these will generally be included in the new features section ahead of time.  At the end of the development cycle, the products are fully tested and documented in the online Help and User Guides before being officially released as a new version.

During the development cycle (between official release versions), there will be pre-release versions available to Business Partners and clients who wish to use new features as they are added. These versions will not have documentation added to the online Help and User Guides for the new features and will not go through the full testing process until the end of the development cycle, but will be suitable for demonstration & testing purposes. They will include selected Wish List items and project specific functionality.  We will install these versions onto live systems where the new features are needed but clients should be aware that there is a small risk associated with using a pre-release version. The risk is small or we would not allow it, but where the benefit outweighs the risk we are happy to work with clients to deliver improvements to the products early (if Customers do not wish to have a pre-release version, they will need to wait for the release version to become available). This version will not be available for Business Partners to download, but will be available where we are working on joint projects and developing specific functionality.

If you would rather wait for an official release, please contact the Project Admin Team to put your installation on hold.


How long will a new WAP installation take?
We will schedule ½ a day to complete the install.

Will install require any reboots as our CRM is hosted on that server in addition to Sage?

What is required if we have a cloud server?
This will not cause any issues with the installation.

Will install require any reboots as our CRM is hosted on that server in addition to Sage?


How long will a WAP upgrade take?
We will schedule 1 hour to conduct the upgrade, but it may not take this long.

Can users continue to use WAP during an upgrade?
No. Please ensure all users are out of the WAP system for the duration of the upgrade.
NB: If you would prefer the WAP system to be taken offline during the upgrade, please let us know in advance and we can stop the IIS on the server to prevent anyone being able to access the system.

Are the users ok to be in Sage system during a WAP upgrade?
Yes, users are fine to be in the Sage system for the duration of the upgrade.

Will a WAP upgrade affect anything waiting for approval in my current live system?
This shouldn’t cause any problems. We can take a backup of your system, apply the upgrade and then you can take a look and make sure you are happy with everything. If an upgrade causes any issues at all, we can restore your system for you.

Server Move

How long will a WAP server move take?
We will schedule ½ day to conduct the move.

Test System Setup

Am I able to get a test system setup and how would it work?
We can setup a WAP test system for you. There are three options for setup of test system, which are detailed below:

  1. There is a whole separate server that can access Sage or its own Sage installation. The website and service can be installed and documents can be posted to Sage (Test Company).
  2. A test system can be installed on the live WAP server with a Windows application to run manually to imitate the service. Similar to point 2, but a separate Windows app can be installed to be run manually if posting to Sage is required for a test system on the same server as the live system.

If test system can be installed on the live WAP server without a service:
A new WAP test database can be created, users can look at new features in WAP, but with no service nothing will be posted to sage.

How long will a WAP test system setup take?
We will schedule ½ day to conduct the setup.

Can a test system can be installed on the live WAP server, with a windows application to run manually to imitate the service:
Similar to point 2, but a separate windows app can be installed to be run manually if posting to sage is required for a test system on the same server as the live system.

Email Setup

Does a specific email account need to be set up and is so are there any permissions etc. that it needs?
Either you can set up an account before we carry out the install (e.g. sicon_wap@yourdomain.co.uk) and then let us have the username and password or alternatively we can set up an email account during the install.

When setting up our email for the system, is it ok to go out through an external SMTP server or does it have to be the onsite exchange server?
Either is fine.

Training FAQ's

We recommend that only a couple of Superusers attend the training sessions. Our training is on a train the trainer scenario, where our consultants will train the Superusers on how to set up the system and how to use it. The Superusers will then roll out the module to the end users.

How do we connect to carry out WAP training?

We ask that you check with your IT department prior to the initial training session that there will be no firewall issues in using this method of connection. If there are likely to be security issues, please contact your project administrator and we will be happy to find a solution.

Will the product training happen at the same time as a WAP installation?
No. This will be scheduled with the relevant parties after the installation. This allows for any issues found during installation to be resolved and ensure all systems are working as they should be.

Technical FAQ's

I am planning to update our service pack from 2011 SP4 to SP5. Will this have any effect on WAP?
Before applying the upgrade, stop the WAP service, apply the upgrade and then restart the service. You will need to include the Hotfix for SP5 (this sorts a problems there was in SP5 with invoice splitting).

Do we need to provision a separate drive for attachments or are the files temporary and / or small in number?

We presume SQLSERVER – Fast Text services will not be required?

We currently use both Sage 50 and Sage 200, can one WAP system link to both Sage systems?

Yes. This will take more configuration than a standard project, but can be setup.

The “text” Folder to store attachments implies that some external data files need to be stored.
The various document types in WAP can have attachments; e.g Purchase requisition with supplier quote, expenses with copies of receipts, invoices with copies of the images from the DMS system. Generally this is stored within the WAP folder under inetpub. It is configurable and will obviously grow with time. I cannot really give you any guidance on this at I have no information on expected total number of users, which modules they will use etc. so you may have to keep an eye on this if there is to be a limit on disk space.

Accessing WAP

How do I access WAP? Is there a web address or is it a module within Sage?
WAP has a web URL specific to its location on your server.

It will look like this, however ‘servername’ is replaced by the name of your WAP server: http://servername/WAP/Pages/Login.aspx

By default, WAP runs over HTTP on port 80 and as with other web based applications, this is only suitable for internal access.
Please also see link to Microsoft help on setting up SSL on IIS7: https://www.iis.net/learn/manage/configuring- security/how-to-set-up-ssl-on-iis

What would I need to do to allow external access for WAP?
To allow access from the outside world to the WAP server you can either connect using your existing VPN infrastructure, or take the following outline steps:
Configure port forwarding on your firewall to allow port 443 to the WAP server – you can allow port 80 as well and set IIS to allow 443 only, but it is preferable not to allow port 80 through the firewall in the first place.
Create an A record at your domain host such as wap.customer.com and point this to the public facing IP address of your WAP server. It is also preferable to do the same on your internal DNS so that everyone uses the same URL both internally and externally.
Purchase a trusted SSL certificate from a certificate authority such as Comodo, Thawte or GoDaddy – you have to generate the request from IIS on the WAP server, provide this to the CA and then import the supplied certificate.

Bind the certificate in IIS to the web site that hosts WAP. Access WAP using https://external-name-of-wap-server/wap

Please see below for links to tutorials provided by the three companies above on completing these steps:

Comodo: https://help.comodo.com/topic-360-1-722-8691-.html

Thwate: https://www.thawte.com/resources/getting-started/get-started-with-ssl/

GoDaddy: https://uk.godaddy.com/help/ssl-certificates-1000006 

There is a System Setting in WAP that places a link in the emails that WAP produces; this would need to be modified to match the URL that you are now using.

Does it cause any issues if I want to access WAP via out terminal server?
No. So long as it is part of your Network it shouldn’t be a problem.

If there is a whole separate server that can access sage or its own sage installation:
The website and service can be installed and documents can be posted to sage (test company).

What do you recommend on size of bandwidth for WAp when hosting outside of our Companies premises?
WAP will run on a reasonable broadband line so it does not need to be anything significant.

SQL Licencing

SQL Licencing – What do we need?

Like Sage, we create users into SQL for WAP to use to access the database on behalf of the actual WAP users. Sage created a MMSUser, MMSAdmin etc. (these names may change). This saves the need to setup each user with specific details on the SQL server.

From a Microsoft licensing perspective, any web based user accessing a website that then accesses a Microsoft SQL database should have a valid SQL license.

In larger sites you can purchase ‘per server core’ licenses and there is a new Web Server version and license which looks more cost effective and will work with WAP too.

For more details, please refer to https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-platform/sql-server-editions and https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/cc645993(v=sql.90).

Google Maps

Do we need anything additional in order to use the Google Maps tool within the WAP Expenses Module?

Yes, in WAP Expenses, we use the following:

    • SKU: Dynamic Maps
  • Directions API
    • SKU: Directions Advanced Service
  • Places API
    • SKU: Places Basic Data
    • SKU: Autocomplete
    • SKU: Geocoding

Please refer to the Google API web page for information on Sicon Module Usage, Pricing and Obtaining a Google API Key.

Sicon Module Usage Explained, Pricing & Obtaining a Google API Key


What level of data security is provided with the WAP App?

WAP can be configured to run on HTTP or HTTPS, if running on HTTPS a digital certificate is required on the server that the service is installed on. Within WAP settings, the thumbprint of the digital certificate is entered against the mobile service settings.

When the service starts, the digital certificate is bound to the address and port specified in settings. Only the port for the WAP service is required to be opened. If not running on HTTPS then the data will be unencrypted.

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