Remote Support

Our preferred method for connecting to your PC or server remotely is TeamViewer, which allows us to fix problems remotely, carry out installs and provide training on our products and services; you will be able to watch what we are doing at all times.

Unattended Support

If you have granted us unattended support already, then we will be able to connect to your PC/server directly to assist with any support calls.

PC/User Remote Support

Already using TeamViewer? If, as a company, you are using team viewer we will connect to your PC to assist with your query using your existing Partner I.D and Password.

Sicon Team Viewer - already using tv

NB: when we contact you to agree a mutually convenient time to dial in, please provide your I.D & Password.

New to TeamViewer? If you do not have TeamViewer installed, we can still connect remotely using a one off session code which we will email over to you.

Sicon Team Viewer - one off TV invite