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Sicon Audit Log is aimed at businesses wanting to monitor changes made to key areas by their users in Sage 200*. With a high-level of integration across Sage 200 and the added benefit of creating an audit trail of changes for compliance purposes, this solution will appeal to a broad range of client requirements.

The solution will track changes to core Sage Financial and Commercial modules, plus some Sicon Modules. With options for 'silent' change logging or user prompted reasons for a change which are configurable per Sage module, Sicon Audit Log provides a way of tracking these changes and reporting on them. These can be viewed and signed-off** ensuring clear visibility of all tracked changes. By tracking in this way, it gives the advantage of being able to act quickly on amendments made that may be critical to the business.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon Audit Log is written within the Sage 200 development environment using the Sage business objects and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies for user interface.
  • Real-time Data Availability | Changes are recorded immediately.
  • Easy to use | With silent tracking enabled, users won’t be aware that their changes are being tracked. With this switched off, a simple pop-up will appear upon saving for them to record why the change was made.

Key Benefits

  • Once purchased, the module is available across all Sage 200 Companies at no extra cost.
  • User prompted reasons ensures awareness that changes are being tracked and allows users to record why those were made; further enhancing the information held in the audit trail.
  • Options to choose which Sage 200 modules you need to track and record changes in, providing flexibility for organisations only wanting certain Sage modules covered.
  • A sign-off process is provided and generates a full list of every change made within the selected trackable modules. The name of the authoriser is also recorded in the Audit Trail for full visibility.


What’s Included?

Sage 200 modules covered by the audit log:

  • Nominal Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Stock Control
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Price Book

Sicon modules covered by the audit log:

  • Contracts

Why would you need this Audit Log Module?  If you need to…

  • Know that changes have been made to core module field data or sales and purchase orders.
  • Be aware of changes that have occurred in your Sage system.
  • Act quickly on these changes; e.g. to sales orders that may be critical to monthly sales analysis and reporting.
  • Be aware of changes to bank details on supplier accounts


*Not all database fields are tracked. Please refer to the Audit Log Help & User Guide for a full list of audited fields
**Please note that Audit log does not stop the changes being saved. The Sign-off process allows a user to see all changes made since the last time changes were authorised.

Find out more….

To find out more about Sicon Audit Log, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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