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Sicon Construction suite is installed within Sage 200 providing a fully integrated solution dedicated to the Construction sector centralising financial and operational information. Alongside standard Sage 200 features this adds CIS/RCT/CITB, Project Costing, Retentions and Applications & Valuations features, all held within the Sage database. This solution is aimed at businesses requiring a real-time understanding of the profitability and progress of their construction projects.

Construction – Detailed Description

Sicon Construction consists of:

Construction Key Features

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Available to all Sage 200 companies and users, with permissions, at no additional cost.
  • Sub-Contractors are setup within the Sage 200 purchase ledger with relevant CIS, CITB and retention details.
  • Sicon Projects captures costs and revenues for each job, phase, stage and sub stage.
  • Record stock issues, purchase orders, purchase invoices, labour, cash book and nominal costs against each job.
  • The Retentions ledger stores all supplier and customer retentions with release dates and options.
  • Print customer applications and manage cumulative valuations and invoice processing.
  • Supplier Applications are logged, valued and cumulative figures updated with options to generate Self-bill invoices or to reconcile to invoices received from the supplier.
  • Detailed aged application and retention reports are included within the construction module.
  • CIS is calculated on paid or allocated invoices based on nominal coding or subcontractor percentage deductions.
  • Print subcontractor payment statements from Sage 200 before submission of CIS.
  • HMRC Approved online submissions of CIS and subcontractor verifications.
  • Job Period Enquiry enables period by period accounting and accrual adjustments.

Sicon Projects for Construction

Full Nominal to Project Reconciliation ensures all Sage 200 Sales, Purchase and Stock transactions are recorded against a Project. Labour is captured in Projects via timesheets entry or through Sicon’s WAP Platform, a Web-based data entry solution, that is available as an additional purchase. Other features include:

  • Planned purchases – Front load purchase requirements at the start of a Project and generate Purchase Orders as required
  • Hired in plant & tools – Plan and track hired in plant for a Project
  • Self-billing invoicing – Generate a Purchase Invoice based on a Sub-Contractors timesheet data and their self-billing rate
  • Sage 50 payroll interface – Link Cost Rate Descriptions to Pay Elements, allowing for a date driven export of timesheet information in a format that can be imported into Sage 50 Payroll
  • Cost at complete – Review and reforecast the expected remaining costs for a Project and track on a period-by-period basis
  • Revenue to complete – Review and reforecast the expected remaining revenue for a Project and track on a period-by-period basis
  • CVR – Collation of Project Budgets, Costs and Revenue, and forecast for a specific period, detailing current Period, year-to-date and overall Project Totals


Accredited solution handling the calculation, deduction, and submission requirements for both the HMRC and Irish Revenue. The CIS module can be purchased standalone or included as part of the Construction Suite (note: RCT requires Sicon Projects). Other features include:

  • Online Subcontractor verification
  • Online submission for returns
  • Production of Monthly CIS Statements
  • CIS Deductions can be configured based either on Nominal or Percentages
  • RCT Contracts are linked to the Project(s) and Sub-Contractor
  • CITB deductions are available

Applications & Valuations

Capture Customer or Supplier Applications, record the Valuation Certificate of these and post invoices, credit notes, payments and receipts. Other features include:

  • Nominal tracking of the full Application Process
  • Ability to recognise Revenue on Application prior to the Invoice being posted into Sage.
  • Valuation Certificates to be allocated to multiple Applications where applicable.
  • Customer applications are processed within a dedicated applications module. Agreed valuations are recorded against each application and relevant invoices generated with detailed cumulative summary data.
  • Customer applications are processed within a dedicated applications module. Agreed valuations are recorded against each application and relevant invoices generated with detailed cumulative summary data.
  • Construction Sales Orders – Generate a Contract/Sales Order that Applications can be drawn from, and Certificates matched against.
  • Sub-contractor Purchase Orders – Create a statement of works for a Sub-Contractor that can be matched to their Application and your Valuation Certificates


Record, track and release both Sales and Purchase Retentions. These can be retentions raised as part of the Application Process, or via standard Sage Purchase and Sales transactions. Other features include:

  • Option to cap retentions held from specific Suppliers
  • Retentions raised from Applications can be released at the Valuation stage
  • Retentions can be amended, part-released or written off

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