The Sicon Construction solution is aimed at businesses requiring a real-time understanding of the profitability and progress of their Construction Projects.

Available as a suite, Sicon Construction includes, CIS/CITB/RCT, Projects, Retentions and Applications & Valuations, with CIS/CITB available as a single module if required. These solutions enhance Sage 200, enabling construction businesses to monitor, control and simplify their systems, by providing a single view of their data.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon Construction modules are installed and maintained within Sage 200, meaning the modules look, feel and act as part of Sage 200, whilst providing a fully integrated solution dedicated to the Construction sector centralising financial and operational information.
  • Real-time Data Availability | Real-time data access ensure Sage 200 information is up to date and all in one place, meaning you don’t need to access multiple data systems to see a clear view of the business.
  • Easy to use | Sicon Construction modules are written within the Sage 200 development environment using the Sage business objects to control the transaction posting and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies for user interface.

Key Benefits

  • Sicon Construction is an accredited solution handling the calculation, deduction and submission requirements for both the HMRC and Irish Revenue.
  • Capture costs from purchase orders, purchase invoices, stock issues and labour to create reliable and accurate costings linked directly to transactions processed within Sage 200.
  • A highly flexible solution that allows businesses to handle all types of projects, regardless of the size, complexity and duration.
  • Sicon Construction integrates with a range of other Sicon solutions, such as Sicon Documents, Sicon Approvals and Sicon  Manufacturing.


What’s Included?

Sicon Construction suite consists of:

Sicon Projects for Construction 

Full Nominal to Project Reconciliation ensures all Sage 200 Sales, Purchase and Stock transactions are recorded against a Project. Labour is captured in Projects via timesheets entry or through Sicon Approvals, a Web-based data entry solution, that is available as an additional purchase.


Accredited solution handling the calculation, deduction, and submission requirements for both the HMRC and Irish Revenue. The CIS module can be purchased standalone or included as part of the Construction Suite (note: RCT requires Sicon Projects).

Applications & Valuations

Capture Customer or Supplier Applications, record the Valuation Certificate of these and post invoices, credit notes, payments and receipts.


Record, track and release both Sales and Purchase Retentions. These can be retentions raised as part of the Application Process, or via standard Sage Purchase and Sales transactions.

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To find out more about Sicon Construction, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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