Sicon Distribution is designed for organisations wanting to streamline their business processes in areas such as, stock management, onboarding of new customer orders, container visibility, demand based purchasing and the management of warehouse replenishment.

Working seamlessly with other Sicon solutions, including Barcoding & Warehousing, Sicon CRM and Sicon Approvals, this provides a complete solution for the needs of fast moving, agile distribution organisations. For example, goods receiving a containers, handing warehouse stock transfers, setting tasks against containers and approving suggested Purchase Orders.

Sicon Distribution is a truly flexible solution consisting of nine modules, available to purchase separately, allowing you to tailor the solution to your individual business needs.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon Distribution modules are fully integrated with Sage 200, meaning the modules look, feel and act as part of Sage 200.
  • Real-time Data Availability | Real-time data access ensure Sage 200 information is up to date and all in one place, meaning you don’t need to access multiple data systems to see a clear view of the business.
  • Easy to use | Sicon Distribution modules are written within the Sage 200 development environment using the Sage business objects to control the transaction posting and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies for user interface.

Key Benefits

  • Create suggested purchase orders for stock shortages based on supplier lead times and min order quantities, min stock levels, unallocated sales orders and imported sales forecasts.
  • Update minimum stock levels per warehouse, based on historical usage.
  • Create and store container details and compare provisional with actual dates, whilst updating all linked Purchase Order lines with the new estimated arrival date.
  • Advanced ‘Landed Costs’: with enhancements to the standard Sage functionality, you can break Landed Costs down into more detailed types and have Landed Costs posting to multiple nominal codes, to reflect the breakdown of the costs.
  • Link purchase orders with sales orders to ensure immediate allocation at goods in.
  • Provides an option for rapid allocation and un-allocation of stock within Sales Orders without the need to open each Sales Order and order line.

What’s Included?

Sicon Distribution consists of nine individual modules, allowing you to simply purchase the modules your business needs, with the option to add to them at a later date.

Warehouse Replenishment

Top up multiple remote warehouses such as engineer vans, consignment warehouses and production plants.

Material Planning 

Provide suggested Purchase Orders to handle future stock shortages. Using current stock levels, sales order and other demand to determine when stock is required based on supplier lead time. NB: does not include Capacity Planning.

Reserves & Call Offs 

Hold allocated stock for customers within Sage 200 and release via SOP or directly from the reserve. Use SOP & POP contracts to manage commitment to purchase and track progress.

Future Sales 

Use historical sales and seasonal trends to forecast future sales demand to help drive purchase decisions.

POP Management 

Enhancement for purchasing including supplier delivery KPI’s, inspection of goods, advanced landed costs, supplier qty breaks and min order values.

Pre-Allocation Management 

Link Purchase Orders with Sales Orders to ensure immediate allocation at goods in. Edit and manage pre-allocations between orders.

Container Management 

Manage the full cycle of container creation, linking multiple purchase orders, manage the stages of loading, travel and customs clearance.

Stock Matrix 

Handle the creation of colour/size/style/season stock items with grid style SOP/POP order entry for speed of processing.

SOP Management 

Enhancement for sales processing including rapid Telesales, copy historical orders, complimentary, superseded & discontinued products. Additional options for rapid allocation and un-allocation of stock within Sales Orders without the need to open each Sales Order and order line.

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