Allows users to scan and retrieve documents while they work in Sage 200, with no additional document management software or indexing steps required. The document indexing information is stored within the Sage 200 SQL database for fast searching. The documents are stored within the Sage 200 attachments path to ensure all documents are backed up within your Sage backup plan.

Documents – Detailed Description

Sicon Documents will evolve your document management processes by cutting back on paperwork, improving the efficiency of your business and allowing you to have greater access to your documents.

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • License users can scan and attach documents or just view documents.
  • Available within all Sage Companies at no extra cost.
  • Documents can be scanned or attached within the standard Sage 200 screens with no additional document management software required.
  • Drag email attachments only into Sicon Documents.
  • Retrieve documents directly from Sage 200 accounts, orders and transactions.
  • Save time and space (estimated at more than 20% of administrative time).
  • Sicon Documents touch points within Sage 200 include:
    • Suppliers: Account and transaction based documents including purchase invoices and credit notes, Payment authorisation.
    • Customers: Account and transaction based documents including purchase invoices and credit notes.
    • Nominal Ledger: Store copies of Journals calculations in paper or Excel formats.
    • Sales Orders: for example customer purchase orders, signed delivery documents, export documents, etc.
    • Purchase Orders: for example purchase contracts, delivery documents, etc.
  • Stock Control: item specification documents, change documents:
    • Bank: statements stored with each bank reconciliation and general bank correspondence.
    • Add your own custom document types to any of the modules within the Documents application.
    • Add mandatory attributes to document types to capture additional information.
  • Documents can be viewed outside of Sage via a browser/tablet interface (requires a license).
  • Works with Twain compatible scanners or network copiers.
  • Sicon Documents integrates with the Sicon WAP system to show documents added within Sage 200 on the documents that require approval in the WAP system.

Installed and maintained as part of Sage 200: New buttons allow documents to be attached and retrieved within Sage 200.

  • No additional software required.
  • Works with Twain compatible scanners or network copiers.
  • Users do not have to learn any new software applications.
  • Prompts or options are given at the appropriate point of data processing.
  • License each Sage user for scan or view only users.

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies: Unlimited Sage companies are supported as standard.

Searching for documents: Documents can be retrieved through Sage 200 screens with new buttons.  Outside of Sage you can search for documents in the directory structure with standard Windows security permissions applied to each document type directory.

Logical filing of documents: Documents are scanned and retrieved from the relevant Sage modules; e.g. Paper or e-mail customer purchase orders are linked to a Sales Order.

Save Time and Space: No time is spent filing or looking for documents (estimated at 20% of admin staff time).  Save space with electronic archives.

Sage 200 Modules with DMS integration: Sales, Purchase, Nominal, Cash Book, SOP, POP, Stock, Project Accounting, Fixed Assets.

Example documents stored with Sage 200 Documents:

  • Supplier invoices, goods received notes, credit notes & requisitions
  • Customer purchase orders, picking list, packing sheet, work/time sheets
  • Airway bill, letter of credit, export license, supplier quote
  • Credit application forms, customer & supplier correspondence
  • Signed delivery notes (POD’s)
  • Stock item specification documents
  • Bank statements & correspondence

Destroy your original documents: Documents can be destroyed when scanned if you have sufficient backups to cover the 6 year inland revenue reproduction requirements.

HM Revenue & Customs:  The HM Revenue & Customs guidelines state that you must be able to guarantee the authenticity and the integrity of the content of your source documents throughout the storage period by either electronic or procedural means. store all the data related to your invoices, including such evidence as is required to demonstrate that authenticity and integrity has been ensured, and be able to recreate the invoice data as at the time of its original transmission or receipt, and present the invoice data in a readable format.  You must keep history files so that you can find the appropriate details from any particular time in the past if one of HMRC’s visiting officers asks you to do so.  The same rules apply to storage of electronic invoices as to paper invoices. You must normally keep copies of all the invoices you issue and all the invoices you receive for 6 years.

Sicon Documents can assist you in complying with these regulations with regards to the storage of your documents.  Please ensure you adhere to the HM Revenue & Customs guidelines when using this product.

Source – Electronic invoicing, HMRC Reference: Notice 700/63 (22 May 2015)
For further HMRC Document Retentions Guidelines, please refer to: 

Maintained within Sage 200: No additional software applications are required with this product.

System Requirements:

  • As a Sage 200 module the system requirements match those of Sage 200.
  • Typical document size 30k-70k bytes (4 drawer filing cabinet = approx 1 gig storage)
  • Works with Twain compatible scanner & network scanners and copiers

Integration with other Sicon products

Authorisation workflows with Sicon WAP for Sage: The Sicon Documents purchase invoices can be picked up by the WAP product, approved within a workflow and then archived.

Sicon Documents | Invoice Automation

  • Auto processing of invoices to the purchase ledger and matching to purchase orders with little to no user interaction, once full automation is enabled per supplier.
  • Sign up from within Sage 200 within using the Sicon Documents module Settings screen and start using the module in minutes. (NB: this requires Sicon Documents to be installed and licensed with at least one scan and view user)
  • Prices are per invoice document and not per page, based on fair usage of 1-5 pages per document.
  • Download of processed documents and validation is carried out within Sage 200, so there is nothing else to install, no extra software to learn or use and no extra user licenses are required for Sage 200.
  • Validating the extracted Invoice document data within Sage 200 maintains accuracy with supplier, nominal, cost centre, department and job information, and saves the synchronisation of date to any external system.
  • Document read accuracy can be improved by using the ‘Training Mode’ included in the preview screen. Simply tell the system where the correct information fields are on the document for dates, order numbers, invoice numbers etc and the next document processed for that supplier will use these new details to extract the data correctly.
  • Specify at a module or supplier level if a Purchase Order would be expected to match to an invoice, if goods received notes should be confirmed before matching an invoice or if invoices can be processed with no Purchase Order because they are a utility supplier or someone not requiring an order.
  • Make use of Sicon WAP* for approval of variances in invoices and orders. This provides the ability to have advanced approval processing.
    * WAP is an additional module available from Sicon providing Web Based document creation and approval. See the Sicon Web Site for more information.

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