Sicon Documents is designed to enhance your document management processes by cutting back on paperwork, improving the efficiency of your business and allowing you greater access to your documents. Attach documents, emails, orders and transactions within Sage 200, either by using a desktop scanner, browsing from a network location or via ‘drag & drop’ from an email.

Document Distribution can be used to make the emailing of documents to customers or suppliers as efficient as possible, while automatically archiving them at the same time.

The Document Automation module is available at an additional cost and can be used to enable the ability for suppliers to email their invoices directly into your business. Those invoices can then processed in Sage 200 with minimum effort.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 |Sicon Documents is written within the Sage 200 development environment working seamlessly with standard Sage features
  • Document Distribution | Email and archive important documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices etc. using pre-defined templates. Business documents can be emailed directly from Sage 200 with custom backgrounds and the ability to attach Terms & Conditions
  • Easy to use | Drag and drop attachments directly onto the Sicon Add Docs button for ease of filing.

Key Benefits

  • Sicon Documents is installed and maintained as part of Sage 200, meaning users do not have to learn any new software applications.
  • Works with Twain compatible scanners for direct scan
  • Document indexing information is stored within the Sage 200 SQL database for fast and efficient searching.
  • Prompts or options are given at the appropriate point of data processing.
  • Documents are stored within the Sage 200 attachments path to ensure all documents are backed up within your Sage backup plan.
  • Sicon Documents integrates with Sicon Approvals to show documents added within Sage 200 on the elements that require approval in the Sicon Approvals system.


What’s Included?

Sicon Documents includes Document Distribution functionality as standard and individual users licences can be purchased as Scan & View User Licences or a View Only User Licences, depending on the needs of your business.

Sicon Document Automation can be purchased to extend the functionality of Sicon Documents to enable businesses to receive invoices electronically that have been scanned and had the relevant fields extracted automatically to enable quicker posting and reduce input errors.

Sicon Document Automation for Sage 200

NB: Users will need to purchase document bundles; please refer to the Sicon website for more information on pricing, (at least x1 Sicon Documents Scan & View Licence is required).

Sage 200 Modules with Sicon Documents integration

Sales, Purchase, Nominal, Cash Book, SOP, POP, Stock, Project Accounting, Fixed Assets.

Example documents stored with Sage 200 Documents

  • Supplier invoices, goods received notes, credit notes & requisitions
  • Customer purchase orders, picking list, packing sheet, work/time sheets
  • Airway bill, letter of credit, export license, supplier quote
  • Credit application forms, customer & supplier correspondence
  • Signed delivery notes (POD’s)
  • Stock item specification documents
  • Bank statements & correspondence

 System Requirements

  • As a Sage 200 module the system requirements match those of Sage 200
  • Typical document size 30k-70k bytes (4 drawer filing cabinet = approx 1 gig storage)
  • Works with Twain compatible scanner & network scanners and copiers



Important Information: Please ensure you adhere to the HM Revenue & Customs guidelines when using this product; for more information, please refer to the Sicon Documents Help & User Guide.

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To find out more about Sicon Documents, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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