Sicon Intercompany is aimed at businesses with a requirement to transact between multiple Sage companies. Whether this is, for example, apportioning a purchase invoice or posting management fees, this provides an easy solution to simultaneously post complimentary transactions within the relevant companies.

By removing the need for multiple duplication when entering data, this not only reduces the risk of errors, but all relevant postings are made instantly without having to log out of one company and into another. The module will dynamically create either journal entries or Purchase and Sales invoice/credits/orders depending on the VAT number of the affected companies.

For organisations where the Sage companies operate in different currencies, Sicon Intercompany will convert this as required between the company’s base currency and/or the bank account currency on each side of the transaction; making this an extremely useful financial enhancement for Sage 200.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon Intercompany is written within the Sage 200 development environment using the Sage business objects and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies for user interface.
  • Rich Functionality | Multiple options for different intercompany transactions types, for example, enter Purchase/Sales Invoices and apportion to other Sage companies, post cash and pay invoices, nominal journal templates to handle repeat postings and stock transfers.
  • Mapped Transactions | Create a connection between nominal codes across companies, allowing a more automated way to generate intercompany transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically create Sales/Purchase Invoices or Nominal Journals based on company to company VAT relationship.
  • Sicon Intercompany allows transfers of stock between companies on demand and creates all associated intercompany nominal postings.
  • Enter a Sales or Purchase Order for an account flagged as an intercompany customer/supplier in one company and automatically generate a Purchase or Sales Order in another.
  • Functionality can be extended when combined with the Sicon Enhancement Pack or Sicon Projects.
  • Print Sales and Purchase VAT Invoices for intercompany postings.
  • Enable one company to pay or receive money and allocate the amount to an invoice in one of the other configured companies.


What’s Included?

Sicon Intercompany can be purchased as a stand-alone addition to Sage 200 or alternatively, functionality can be extended by integrating this with other Sicon modules; available at an additional cost.

Please refer to the Sicon Price list for more information.

Find out more….

To find out more about Sicon Intercompany, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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