The Sicon Intercompany module is designed specifically as an enhancement for Sage 200. The module allows users to carry out purchase invoice apportionment, nominal journals, cash transfers & stock transfers, and creating POP/SOP and SL/PL invoices between companies.

Intercompany – Detailed Description

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Runs with all Sage 200 Companies at no extra cost.
  • Available for all Sage 200 users based on permissions at no extra cost.
  • Create VAT Invoices or Nominal Journals based on company to company VAT relationship.
  • Enter Purchase Invoices and apportion to other Sage 200 companies.
  • Post cash and pay invoices in subsidiary companies.
  • Carry out stock transfers with appropriate financial transactions automatically created.
  • Allow inputting of a sales order (or purchase order) in one company to create a purchase order (or sales order) in another company.
  • Allow inputting of sales invoice (or purchase invoice) in one company to create a purchase invoice (or sales invoice) in another company.
  • Handles companies in foreign base currencies.
  • Exclude Nominal codes where Intercompany VAT invoices are not required.
  • Facilities for Nominal Journal Templates to handle repeat postings.
  • Print sales and purchase VAT invoices for intercompany posting.

Installed and maintained within Sage 200: Sicon Intercompany is installed as a standard Sage 200 module.

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies: Unlimited Sage companies are supported at no additional cost.

Sage 200 menu structure included: Default menu items provided for custom menu design.

Nominal Journals: Post a nominal journal directly from any Sage 200 company to any other Sage 200 company. Intercompany postings automatically controlled by pre-configured control accounts within each company.

Purchase Invoices: Process purchase invoices to the purchase ledger and then split these to other Sage 200 companies via intercompany journals or automatically create sales and purchase invoices.

Stock transfers: Sicon Intercompany allows transfers of stock between companies on demand and creates all associated intercompany nominal postings.

Cash Postings: Process cash into a Sage cash book and re-allocate to other Sage companies with intercompany and cash book postings.

Foreign Exchange: Sicon Intercompany takes into consideration the base currency of the company and the currency of any bank account being used. The module will then convert between these two currencies automatically using the existing Sage exchange rates.

Nominal Tax Exclusions: Nominal codes can be marked as exclude tax and any intercompany transaction (Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger or nominal) will be set as exempt. This can be used for things such as insurance commissions etc.

Nominal Journal Templates: For regular, large or complicated sets of intercompany nominal transactions, these can now be pre-configured with a set of accounts, with or without pre-configured values or percentages. This saves greatly on processing time. Once a template is chosen, it can be amended before being submitted.

Create POP from SOP or SOP from POP: When putting on a SOP to a customer flagged as an intercompany customer, a POP will be created in the corresponding intercompany.  When putting on a POP to a supplier flagged as an intercompany supplier, a SOP will be created in the corresponding intercompany.

Create a purchase invoice from a sales invoice or create a sales invoice from a purchase invoice: When putting on a sales invoice to a customer flagged as an intercompany customer, a purchase invoice will be created in the corresponding intercompany.  When putting on a purchase invoice to a supplier flagged as an intercompany supplier, a sales invoice will be created in the corresponding intercompany.

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