Shop Floor Data Capture

Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) is designed for businesses requiring a simple way to record live manufacturing information by allowing shop floor operatives to clock on and off Operations. The Android based App links to both Sicon Works Order Processing and Sicon Projects to allow real-time capture of progress and elapsed time, making this an ideal solution for production environments.

Time captured from the Operations is stored in a centralised Sicon Timesheet, which can also be populated from other Sicon solutions, such as Sicon Time & Attendance, Sicon Approvals, Sicon Service and Sicon Projects. This creates a complete timesheet with users simply recording their activities throughout the day.

Additional functionality available within Sicon SFDC allows users to issue allocated components to Sicon Works Orders and process Works Order Inspections that are linked to Operations or stock items.

Key Features

  • Mobile Integration | The handheld device communicates directly with Sage 200 in real –time using Web API technology, meaning there is no data to synchronise.
  • Easy to use | Whilst the Sicon SFDC core functionality is installed and maintained within Sage 200, the simplicity of the Android App Interface, means users of all abilities can easily interact with the modules functionality.
  • Route Cards | Users have the option to search for the Operation they need to work on directly within the App. Alternatively, where a barcode scanner is present, by printing a route card the user can simply scan the relevant barcode to take them directly to that Operation.

Key Benefits

  • Creation of user timesheets by simply scanning activities and operations.
  • Options to enable users to answer inspection questions when starting or completing an Operation.
  • Real time updates to Sicon Works Orders and Sicon Projects with accurate time capture and costs.
  • Booking time to Operations is made simple with a single unique barcode created per Operation.
  • Issue allocated components to Sicon Works Orders.
  • Users can add additional materials needed whilst working on a Works Order.
  • Process Works Order Inspections, linked to Operations or stock items.
  • Layouts are provided in the Sage 200 report designer to: print route cards for works orders and Project Operations.
  • Will run on any Android Device, (minimum specifications required).


What’s Included?

The Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture module and users are available to buy from the Sage Marketplace on subscription and will run on any Android device, (minimum specifications required).

Sicon SFDC Named Handheld User Licences includes the Sicon Web API.

NB: a single Sage Web User Licence is required for the Sicon Web API (1 web user licence per site required) .

 What will I need installed to make this work?

  • Sage 200 installed with the Sage 200 Commercial modules.
  • The Sicon Web API installed.
  • The Sicon SFDC Add-on in Sage.
  • The Sicon SFDC App installed on the tablet.
  • Sicon Manufacturing or Sicon Projects installed

What you will need to provide:

  • Wireless Network covering your production area(s).
  • Your chosen hardware options.

Find out more….

To find out more about Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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