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Sicon CRM is aimed at businesses requiring a CRM solution that is fully integrated with their Sage 200 system. Storing company and contact details, along with cases, opportunities, tasks, notes and reminders, this is a complete package which will add benefit to a broad range of clients.

Functionality can be accessed directly in Sage 200 or via the web portal creating a single data source, ensuring both Sage and non Sage users are always connected. The web portal scales seamlessly when viewed on a mobile browser, which is particularly beneficial for users needing to access information remotely. This ensures that regardless of where the information is entered or amended, it is always up to date with no duplicate data entries or version control issues.

For users working in Sage 200, Sicon CRM assists in managing day-to-day activities, such as recording tasks and cases against sales and purchase orders. Outlook style pop-up reminders alert users to ensure these activities are then followed up.


Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon CRM is written within the Sage 200 development environment using the Sage business objects and utilising the latest Microsoft technologies for user interface.
  • Built-In Dashboards | Pre-built and customisable Dashboards are available to users inside of Sage 200.
  • Easy to use | Designed to be an out of the box CRM solution, setup and deployment is simplified enabling businesses to be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Link existing Sage 200 customers, suppliers and contacts into Sicon CRM.
  • Easily convert prospect customers and suppliers to Sales or Purchase Ledger Accounts.
  • Data security maintained between allocated sales staff and customer sales data via territory controls.
  • Sales orders and/or quotes can be generated from within a sales opportunity presenting the user with stock levels and sales prices.
  • Activity reports available for any user on all activities completed or scheduled to be complete.
  • Sicon CRM integrates with the Sicon Hire and Sicon Service to enable you to easily access end user contact details.
  • Create CRM Tasks against Sicon Projects to enable you to track progress of those tasks.
  • View year-by-year Sales Ledger account information, including turnover and associated Sales Orders/Sales Order Line Items.


What’s Included?

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To find out more about Sicon CRM, please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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