WAP Expenses

Streamlined expenses processing via a browser or mobile app, with multi option approval routings based on user, project, nominal codes etc. Expense items are preconfigured per user making selection choices easy, with max claim values per user and claim location. Optional Subsistence claims process with configurable grades and rates to comply with HMRC guidelines. Mileage claims use the integrated Google Maps distance calculator to assist with data entry with additional features for multi stop journeys, deduct normal work commute miles, return journey.

WAP Expenses – Detailed Description

The Sicon WAP Expenses module allows you to enter expenses linked to preconfigured expense items with pre-defined nominal codes.

  • Expenses are entered into the WAP system.
    • item lines for mileage based on type of car used.
    • track private and business mileage.
    • multiple item lines for expenses.
  • Expense types allocated per user.
    • configure nominal, VAT and limits per user by expense type.
  • Approved expenses are posted to Sage.
    • each user has a configured purchase ledger account setting.
    • approved invoices are posted to the purchase ledger account and can be held on query waiting for documentation to follow.
  • Attach supporting documents or print expense claim vouchers.
    • scanned copies of receipts can be attached to each expense claim.

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