WAP HR provides self-service access for WAP users to view HR information stored about them and update any key information such as bank details, next of kin, book planned absence, review qualification details and expiry dates. Providing a simple way to distribute new company policies and other information to all team members plus monitor staff absence using the Bradford factor scoring system.

WAP HR – Detailed Description

  • Running as a separate module within the Sicon WAP system.
  • Web Self Service Interface for users to update key user information.
  • Store qualifications and expiry dates.
  • Receive notification on qualifications due to expire.
  • Current Job, salary and benefits.
  • Support for multiple jobs in an establishment organisation.
  • Current job role contract details.
  • Appraisals history.
  • Log and monitor Absence history and Bradford factor scoring.
  • Policies and Procedures distribution and user acceptance tracking.
  • Links to WAP holidays to allow booking of unpaid absence.
  • Links to WAP timesheets to track working to contracted hours.
  • Links to WAP expenses module.
  • WAP HR Self Service allows expense account bank and address details to be updated directly into Sage 200.
  • Links to WAP expenses to provide nominal code, cost centre and department override based on job role and activity.
  • Reports provided within WAP.

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