WAP Timesheets

Enter timesheets via the WAP web based interface via PC or mobile device. Track cost, charge and pay rates based on work patterns. Weekly timesheets are submitted for approval when contracted hours are completed with approval options including submitting user or projects selected in the timesheet. Option to track allowances via timesheets such as overnight stay, late working, overseas travel.

WAP Timesheets – Detailed Description

  • New time directly against jobs / projects and cost headings.
    • jobs / projects and activities can be configured against each employee.
  • Build work patterns and assign users to specific work patterns.
  • Create open flexible work patterns with Time off in lieu (TOIL) accruals and deductions.
  • Includes an integrated Time and Attendance solution.
    • record users in and out of a building by access point (additional hardware cost).
    • manage time on site to standard working day and overtime calculations.
    • touch screen terminals provide an intuitive user interface.
  • User enquiry facility to check time prior to submission.
  • Designed for production/non IT user and professional users.
  • Running in a web browser, this application is available on any Windows PC and most mobile devices.
  • Fire List included with Time and Attendance.
    • The system can produce a fire list per terminal location or assembly point.

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