Sicon Works Order Processing (WOP) is designed for businesses requiring a flexible solution to control the cost elements that go into their manufacturing processes, such as materials, labour, machine time and sub-contractor operations.

Designed specifically for Sage 200, and integrating with BOM and Stock Control, users have the ability to generate amendable works orders from BOM’s or start from a blank works order where no BOM exists. This makes Sicon WOP an ideal addition for clients in manufacturing who need a simplified stock allocation and issuing process with the ability to amend.

Manufacturing processes can be enhanced through the inclusion of additional Sicon modules, such as Barcoding & Warehousing, Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC), Projects and Material & Resource Planning (MRP). With these modules, functionality can be extended to include features such as, picking stock for works orders, capturing time against production operations, linking to projects for rolled up costing of complex builds and visibility of demand for what needs to be made and/or purchased.

Key Features

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 | Sicon WOP is written within the Sage 200 development environment and fully integrates with relevant areas including, Sales Order Processing, BOM and Stock Control.
  • Real-time Data Availability | Centralised data within Sage 200 enables businesses to make better informed decisions through data accuracy & visibility.
  • Flexible Solution | Appealing to a wide range of organisations, Sicon WOP can cater for discrete, continuous, bespoke and hybrid production processes.

Key Benefits

  • Create Works Orders from the standard Sage 200 BOM’s with version control.
  • Bulk back flush processing with traceable item support.
  • Sage stock transaction history shows WOP issues and bookings.
  • Option to explode multi-level BOM’s into a single Works Order list.
  • Create Works Orders from WOP Templates.
  • Over-runs can be booked to stock without the need to add more components.
  • A Works Order Estimate can be linked to a Sales Order Quote Line allowing users to build up the relevant cost elements required, providing an accurate estimated finished product cost is available.
  • Quotation pricing can be derived from selling prices for components or from a mark-up on the cost of the works order elements.
  • Uses standard component costing methods for accurate cost roll-up


What’s Included?

The Sicon Works Order Processing can be purchased as part of the Manufacturing Suite:

Sicon Projects for Manufacturing

Integrates perfectly into bespoke manufacturing environments to capture Stock, Purchase Orders, Timesheets and other costs to give budget versus actual comparison.


A simple, single level bill of materials module that can be amended prior to building the finished product either for Stock or directly within the Sage 200 Sales Order.

Material & Resource Planning (MRP)

When used in conjunction with Sicon WOP, this module provides a simple MRP solution creating suggested Works Orders and Purchase Orders to fulfil demand. Included Rough Cut Capacity Planning delivers a real time graphical user interface for labour and machine demand against availability.

Functionality  can be extended with the addition of Sicon Shop Floor Data Capture and/or Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing.

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)

An Android based app that links to both the Sicon WOP and Sicon Projects to allow real-time capture of operation progress and elapsed times.  The addition of this module allows users to issue allocated stock and record inspection results.

Barcoding & Warehousing

An Android based app that allows manufacturing businesses to interact more efficiently with Sage 200.  Examples include, receiving and putting away stock, picking and issuing stock to a Works.

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To find out more about Sicon Works Order Processing (WOP), please contact your Sage Business Partner or contact Sicon direct on 01284 722850.

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