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Accessing Sicon WebAPI Externally

Sicon WebAPI has a web URL specific to its location on your server.

It will look like this, however ‘servername’ is replaced by the name of your Sicon WebAPI server: http://servername/sicon.sage200.webAPI/

By default, Sicon WebAPI runs over HTTP on port 80 and as with other web based applications, this is only suitable for internal access.

Please also see link to Microsoft help on setting up SSL on IIS7:

What would I need to do to allow external access for Sicon WebAPI?

To allow access from the outside world to the Sicon WebAPI server you can either connect using your existing VPN infrastructure, or take the following outline steps:

Configure port forwarding on your firewall to allow port 443 to the Sicon WebAPI server – you can allow port 80 as well and set IIS to allow 443 only, but it is preferable not to allow port 80 through the firewall in the first place.

Create an A record at your domain host such as and point this to the public facing IP address of your Sicon WebAPI server. It is also preferable to do the same on your internal DNS so that everyone uses the same URL both internally and externally.

Purchase a trusted SSL certificate from a certificate authority such as Comodo, Thawte or GoDaddy – you have to generate the request from IIS on the Sicon WebAPI server, provide this to the CA and then import the supplied certificate.

Bind the certificate in IIS to the web site that hosts Sicon WebAPI.

Access Sicon WebAPI using https://external-name-of-Sicon Web API-server/Sicon.Sage200.WebAPI/

Please see below for links to tutorials provided by the three companies above on completing these steps:

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