Upgrading to Sicon v19.1 from pre-Sicon v.17

Important Information

**You MUST install or upgrade all modules to v19.1 at the same time, including common components,  e.g. if you have two Sicon products that are pre-v17 and you install a new product (not previously installed) which is v.19.1, then ALL modules HAVE to be upgraded Sicon v.19.1**

NB: Import template definitions and examples are now included on each import screen for all relevant products. There will be no import templates on our website to download.

To install the Sicon v19.1 add-on packages, please install the new v19.1 add-on package as if it is a new product install.  DO NOT TRY AND UPGRADE IT.

You will get some warning messages during the install and you may get a failed to install message, please continue and ignore these message. Then remove the previous version of the add-on package.


Doing the install in this way will ensure you maintain your user configured menus. If you remove the add-on and then add the product you will not lose any data but you will have to setup the user menus again.

If the Sicon Stock Transfer and Contact Manager packages are installed, they will need to be un-installed. These are now included in the Common Components install and if left installed will cause data model errors.

Note: No data will be lost when these add-on modules are removed.

Important Note about Data Model warnings during upgrades: If you have several Sicon modules currently installed, until you install & remove  the final add-on package it is likely that you will see a message that indicates an error / issue – don’t worry, this is simply because until the final module is installed and removed, the data model is not fully compiled.  When you install & remove the final Sicon v19.1 module the Data Model file(s) will then be built.


**Upgrades to Sicon v19.1 are one-way.  Once ANY single module, including Common Components, is upgraded to v19.1 then all modules must then immediately be upgraded to v19.1 – downgrades are NOT possible.  The reason this is not reversible is various database tables are moved or migrated to other tables, uninstalling will not revert these changes **

Version Numbering

From Sicon v19.1, our modules will be numbered in the format 201x.191.0.1  This is because we have Sicon v19.2 planned for later this year and we will use the second group of digits to reflect these as 192. We use the third set of digits to reflect whether it is a release or a pre-release build and the fourth set then give the build number.

Sicon Documents

Name Update: previously known as Sicon Document Management, this product has been renamed to ‘Sicon Documents’.

There are now four packages that need to be installed for Sicon Documents. In addition to the Sicon Documents add-on, and the Common Components add-on, there are now two additional DevExpress packages that also need be installed in the same way within Sage 200 System Administration.

Critical note for users upgrading from Manufacturing & Distribution packages older then v18

It is very important that no users remain in Sage 200 during this update, as allocation information for works order components is moved to another table during the update. If users remain in Sage 200 and keep making new allocations in the older version, this will cause problems with stock balances.

Once the update is completed, it is recommended that a user opens the Works Order Processing screen as this will then trigger the updating of works orders into the new Booked status, and also links between works orders and Job Costing will also be updated. Once these processes have completed, then all users can then log back into Sage.

v19 product notes that are still important to note for v19.1

Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing – Important Upgrade Information

In Sicon v19 of the Barcoding & Warehousing module, bin definitions have been introduced. This is to allow the order of allocation and picking to be set and also define different bin types, such as bulk or pick face.

Within the maintain locations screen in the barcode module in Sage, the default bin priority of the bins need to be added.

When adding a bin to a stock item in the handheld, the system will use the priority set on the bin in this screen to set the priority of the new bin. When adding a bin in Sage, the correct bin priority should be set manually.  There is an option from within the maintain locations screen to update all existing Sage stock bins (update existing bin priorities) to have the desired bin priorities.  This needs to be done when upgrading to version 19 as the default Sage bin priority of 9, is classed as Bulk Storage in the Sicon definitions and will be allocated and picked from last. Within the tools import and print label import, bin priorities can be imported. Bins can be exported to excel from this screen, a bin priority added and imported back.

Sicon Job Costing: changes to Job Costing to be aware of from v 201x.5.0.x

  • Job Costing is now mandatory in the standard Sage screens where it appears, so consideration needs to be paid to the Defaults tab in Job Costing settings as soon as it is installed/upgraded
  • If previously using sage standard import files to import nominal/sales/purchase ledger transactions you should instead use the equivalent Import menu options in job costing
  • Changes have been made to recording purchase invoices against purchase orders that affect whether you can change the value of the invoice when matching it, and the job information that is recorded against the invoice
  • The link to Sage Payroll now uses the standard Sage Payroll ODBC connection, so this may need configuring (and changed when sage payroll support advices changes)
  • Budgets are only set at a job header level now, previously there were further options but they have been removed
  • There is a new Job Costing Analysis tab that has been added to the Sales/Purchase Ledger transaction screens and is now the default and recommended method for linking these transactions
  • New Enquiry Screen (Currently within beta folder within utilities, in a future release this enquiry screen will become the standard one, and the existing one will be moved to a legacy reports folder
  • New feature added to re-balance the job totals which will stored in a new table: if using the Job Costing List (Advanced) or CVR a rebalance routine has been created to move Job Costing totals to a new table.

Updated March 2019

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