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Help and User Guide maintained for Sicon Distribution | Pre-Allocations version 220.0.0 and Upwards

The distribution pre-allocations module allows users to create connections between outstanding stock movements, to effectively reserve the stock before it has arrived. Typically, this pre-allocation would be from an open purchase order to an open sales order, but if you are using other Sicon modules then stock can also be pre-allocated to works orders and kits, and Sicon stock transfers, and Sicon reserves. The pre-allocations can be converted to allocations when receiving in the purchase order (or booking in the works order or kit).

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1. Changes to Standard Sage screens

In addition to the new menu options described later in this help and user guide, there are also changes to standard Sage screens, which are detailed in this section.

1.1. SOP – Enter New Order / Amend Order

This requires the pre-allocation setting to enable pre-allocations to be turned on.

A Create Preallocation button allows a pre-allocation record to be created from the sales order to a purchase order. This will reserve the quantity on the purchase order, so that when the goods are received they can be allocated straight to the linked sales order.

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A drop down list allows the user to select a Purchase Orders that contains the required Stock Item.

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Once a purchase order has been selected, the screen displays the expected delivery date and available quantity on the order. The ‘Quantity to preallocate’ field will automatically populate with the order line quantity or the available quantity on the purchase order, if this is less than the order line.

Dis PreAllocations Image 4

Once a pre-allocation exists for a sales order line, and the line is selected, the button on this screen will change to Amend Preallocation, where you can amend the quantity to pre-allocate if necessary.

Dis PreAllocations Image 5

Where other Sicon module are installed, the sales order line can also linked to a Sicon works order or Sicon stock transfer, see below. This will reserve the required quantity on the Sicon Works Order or Sicon stock transfer. Once the work order is booked in, or the stock transfer received in, the stock will be allocated straight to the linked sales order.

Dis PreAllocations Image 6

A pre-allocation can also be created within the sales order line, via the preallocations button and following the steps above. This button also displays the quantity of any allocation for the line.

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Dis PreAllocations Image 8

Once the pre-allocation is saved, the pre-allocation quantity shows on the pre-allocations button on the order line.

Dis PreAllocations Image 9

The preallocations can also be seen in the sales order when the ‘Show quantities’ option is selected.

Dis PreAllocations Image 10

They are also visible when an order line is edited and ‘Preallocations’ is selected from the list on the left hand side of the screen.

Dis PreAllocations Image 11

There is also a view preallocations button from the main sales order screen

Dis PreAllocations Image 12

Dis PreAllocations Image 13

1.2. POP - Enter New Order /Amend Order

This requires the pre-allocation setting to enable pre-allocations to be set.

A Create Preallocation button allows a pre-allocation record to be created from the purchase order to a sales order.

Dis PreAllocations Image 14

Dis PreAllocations Image 14a

A pre-allocation can also be created within the purchase order line, via the preallocations button and following the steps above.

Dis PreAllocations Image 15

Once the pre-allocation has been created the button then displays the quantity of any pre-allocations for the line.

Dis PreAllocations Image 16

A view Preallocations is added to the bottom of the purchase order screen, when on any of the tabs.

Dis PreAllocations Image 17

Clicking on the view preallocations button opens the pre-allocations screen, showing any pre-allocations linked to the purchase order. It is possible to edit any of these preallocations or create new ones via this screen.

Dis PreAllocations Image 18

When editting a purchase order line, the pre-allocations line button shows the quantity pre-allocated. Clicking on the button open the pre-allocations screen.

Dis PreAllocations Image 19

When other Sicon modules are installed, you can also create a pre-allocation from the purchase order line to a Sicon works order, Sicon stock transfer, Sicon reserve Stock Line or Sicon kitting line if these modules have been installed.

Dis PreAllocations Image 20

The below example shows the same purchase order line pre-allocated to other types.

Dis PreAllocations Image 21

When receiving in the purchase order, the linked transaction can be updated to become allocated lines.

Dis PreAllocations Image 22

Dis PreAllocations Image 24

1.3. SC - View Stock Item Balances

A distribution button has been added to the view stock item balances screen, when clicking on the button the view stock history screen, can be opened.

Dis PreAllocations Image 25

Dis PreAllocations Image 26

A view monthly trading figures button has been added to the screen, so the Sage sales and purchases figures for the stock item can be accessed easily.

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2. Preallocations Menu

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2.1. Preallocations Dashboard

Dis PreAllocations Image 29

The preallocations dashboard shows a list of pre-allocations between purchase and sales orders, and the related order line dates, and the pre-allocated quantity. The Early/Late column shows where the purchase orders will not arrive in time for the expected sales order date.

2.2. Preallocations

This screen displays all current preallocations. By default only current preallocations are displayed, but by ticking the ‘Include completed’ checkbox, all preallocations will be displayed.

Dis PreAllocations Image 30

The screen can be filtered by stock item and preallocation type if other Sicon pre-allocation types are being used. If a type is selected, the document number field will display the available order numbers that can then be filtered on.

Dis PreAllocations Image 31

The create button can be used to create new preallocations, or the edit button will allow existing pre-allocations to be changed.

Show over preallocated lines – This will filter the screen to show those order lines that have a preallocation quantity that is greater than the line quantity. This could happen if a line quantity is reduced after a preallocation has been created.

Show incomplete preallocations – This will filter the screen to only show incomplete preallocations, which are preallocations that have failed to be processed correctly, possibly due to a lock on the destination order when the stock was received. When this has happened, click this button and use the complete preallocation to try and complete it again. If at this point it still cannot complete, then it will give the option to delete that preallocation with an explanation.

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2.3. Change Fulfilment

This screen is linked to functionality where it is possible to use the Sicon fulfilment methods, as opposed to the standard three Sage fulfilment methods – From Stock, Supplier via Stock and Direct to Customer. The Sicon fulfilment methods effectively mirror the behaviour of the standard Sage fulfilment methods (using Sicon Preallocations), but with the added benefit that you can then use this screen to change the fulfilment method used for an order at a later stage.
The screen features various filter options at the top of the screen, but you can then tick the sales order lines that you wish to change the fulfilment methods for, and use the Change Fulfilment button to proceed.

Dis PreAllocations Image 33

If a sales order line is selected that is linked to any existing preallocations, then a prompt will appear advising that changing the fulfilment method will remove these preallocations, but not change any other details of that purchase order.

Dis PreAllocations Image 34

Then a screen will be presented screen where a new fulfilment method for the selected sales orders can be selected.

Dis PreAllocations Image 35

If the new fulfilment is from stock or supplier via stock, then a warehouse for the sales order line to use can be selected. The stock can be allocated if there is any available.

3. Reports

Consignment Transfer – Only available with Warehouse Replenishment module

Purchase Orders & Returns Linked to Sales Orders – Only available with POP Management

Purchase Orders Outstanding Tracking Dates – Only available with Container Manager.

Purchase Orders Awaiting Confirmation Detail – Only available with POP Management

Purchase Orders Awaiting Confirmation Summary – Only available with POP Management

Discontinued Stock Items – Only available with SOP Management.

4. Utilities Menu

Dis PreAllocations Image 36

4.1. Settings

Dis PreAllocations Image 36a

Enable pre allocation – This feature enables sales order lines for stock items to be allocated to outstanding purchase orders lines. The purpose is to reserve stock en route to the warehouse, usually in transit via sea, air or land. Preallocations can be viewed and amended after being created.

Use Sicon sales order fulfilment methods – Enabling this setting lets you use the Sicon fulfilment methods, via the change fulfilment screen.

When deleting/cancelling a PO line or WO line only delete associated preallocation – With this setting ticked only the associated SO, PO or WO pre-allocation will be deleted. If this is not set, when deleting a SO line, the user will have the option to delete the associated PO line.

4.2. Sage to Sicon SO Fulfilment

This screen allows you to update existing sales and purchase orders to use the new Sicon fulfilment methods in distribution. You can click the run button to apply the switch to all live and on hold orders, or alternatively specify individual sales or purchase order numbers and click the relevant run button next to the order number field.

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4.3. Import Stock Item Settings

There are no stock settings relevant with the distribution pre-allocations module, so this menu should be hidden from within Sage system admin.

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4.4. Enable Module

The Enable Strings supplied by Sicon are displayed here.

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5. New Features & Important Information

Distribution New Features & Important Information

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