Product overview

This Help and User Guide will take you through the features and settings for the Sicon Enhancement Pack Sage 200.  It looks like any other Sage 200 module, making it easy to use for anyone already familiar with the Sage 200 environment.

What is the Sicon Enhancement Pack?

Sicon have produced a number of small utility products and enhancements for Sage 200 that we do not qualify as a full products.  These integrate with the various standard Sage 200 modules and are included in our Enhancement Pack.

The module may be configured to enable/disable utilities (functions) as required using a series of tick-box selections on the Settings screen.

To view a brief description of each function included in this module, please select a Sage module from the menu to the left.  Enhancements that integrate with several modules are listed in the Multi-Module Functions section.

6. Release Notes

The release notes page shows which release of the system includes new features or issues resolved.

With the release of the Sicon v19, our version numbering has changed slightly. Previously our add-on versions were numbered in the format 201x.18.0.1.  From Sicon v19, our modules will be numbered in the format 201x.190.0.1  This is because we have three Sicon releases planned per year and we will use the second group of digits to reflect these as xx1 and xx2. We use the third set of digits to reflect whether it is a release or a pre-release build and the fourth set then give the build number.

New features detailed in the Release Notes relating to Pre-Release versions will not be detailed in the current Help and User Guide until the end of development phase.

Enhancement Pack Release Notes

8. New Features & Important Information

8.4. Sicon v19.2

There are no new features in Sicon v19.2 for Enhancement Pack.

Please note: on Thursday 29th September 2021 Sicon Offices & Support will be closed between 9am – 10am for Staff Training / Company Meeting – Phone Lines and Support will resume at 10am