Sicon Product Video Library

For more information on the Sicon modules, please watch our Product videos below.

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Sicon Product Video Library

For more information on the Sicon modules, please watch our Product videos below.

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Product overview

1. Case Studies

1.1. Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing | Agriline

Agriline decisively track their business in real-time with Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing

“I took the MD into the warehouse to show him real time with a laptop scanning parts and saw it move instally, that there was the deciding factor.  When he saw it moving instantly within Sage that there was his decision made and we pretty much went live [with the software] that day”

Richard Brown, Operations Director, Agriline

Agriline Products, one of the largest suppliers of vintage and classic tractor spare parts in the country. In this video Richard explains why Agriline made an instant decision to switch to our solution.

1.2. Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing | Korda

Korda tackle stock management more efficiently with Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing

“The Sicon system uses the same database as Sage, so it is an immediate update into Sage.  The Barcoding software has certainly smoothed out everything and i’m confident that our stock levels will eventually be 100%”

Steve Lindsell, Korda

Korda Developments, design, develop and wholesale carp fishing tackle. Korda were early adopters of our module favoring its live data over other solutions and in this video, Steve explains why our module was the right choice.

1.3. Sicon Manufacturing | Redtronic

Redtronic speeds to the rescue with Sage 200cloud and Sicon

“We used to offer customers a six week lead time, and now we’ve reduced it down to a five day lead time thanks to Sicon.”

Steve Redfern, Technical Director, Redtronic

Download the Case Study

1.4. Sicon Intercompany | Elysium Healthcare

Sicon Intercompany helps facilitate a new Trading solution for Elysium Healthcare

“The Sicon solution is very neat, especially when you consider it combines Approvals, Intercompany and Document Invoice Automation to create the overall solution.

Data accuracy has already improved significantly as keying errors are almost reduced to zero due to the accuracy of the document image extraction solution. The interface provided by Sicon to download and then process these invoices within Sage 200 is intuitive to use and clearly shows invoices ready to process and those that ‘require attention’ due to missing details such as order numbers or that no goods received notes have been confirmed.

Combined with the Trading Company creation and the Sicon Intercompany real time postings we have a very efficient solution on our hands.

– Malcolm Caokley, Elysium Healthcare

Click here to read the full Case Study

Sicon Intercompany is aimed at businesses with a requirement to transact between multiple Sage companies. Whether this is, for example, apportioning a purchase invoice or posting management fees, this provides an easy solution to simultaneously post complimentary transactions within the relevant companies.

2. Sicon Product Webinars

These Sicon Product Webinars were aimed at Business Partners and existing customers currently using the following modules:

  • Sicon Approvals
  • Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing
  • Sicon Construction
  • Sicon CRM
  • Sicon Distribution
  • Sicon Documents / Document Automation
  • Sicon Manufacturing
  • Sicon Projects
  • Sicon Service

2.1. Sicon Approvals | 2023

2.2. Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing | 2023

2.3. Sicon Construction | 2023

2.4. Sicon CRM | 2023

2.5. Sicon Distribution | 2023

2.6. Sicon Documents / Document Automation | 2023

2.7. Sicon Manufacturing | 2023

2.8. Sicon Projects | 2023

2.9. Sicon Service | 2023

3. Approvals (formerly WAP)

4. Audit Log

5. Barcoding & Warehousing

5.1. Creating & Receipting a Purchase Order

5.2. Printing Barcode Labels

5.3. Printing a Despatch Note

5.4. Recommended Hardware

For our Barcoding & Warehousing and Shop Floor Data Capture apps there are various hardware devices we recommend; ranging from cheaper entry level choices to more specific products. For our apps we’d always recommend that you use a device we have tested ourselves, however, if you already have devices set up we would be happy to test them for you.

To run our apps the basic requirements are that it must be on an Android device and above version 4.2.

6. Cash Flow

6.1. Product Demo

6.2. Sage 200 Sales Transactions

6.3. Sage 200 Sales Orders

6.4. Purchase Transactions

6.5. Sage 200 Purchase Orders

6.6. Sage 200 Cash Book Accounts

7. Construction

7.1. The Evolution of Sicon Construction

7.2. Build a stronger Business with Sicon Construction

8. Construction | CIS

9. Contracts

10. Courier Integration

11. CRM

12. Documents

13. Document Automation

14. Distribution

15. Enhancement Pack

Coming Soon!

16. Fixed Assets

17. Intercompany

18. Manufacturing

18.1. Sage 200 Manufacturing Powered by Sicon

18.2. Take your Manufacturing to the Next Level

19. Manufacturing | Kitting

20. Manufacturing | MRP

21. Manufacturing | WOP

22. Projects

23. Service

24. Self Service

25. Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)