Sicon Web API Help and User Guide

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Product overview

The Sicon WebAPI is designed for Mobile based applications and communicates directly with Sage 200 or Sicon modules querying information and posting information in real time. The Web API provides the technology and security to turn external devices into mini Sage 200 clients that share a single Sage web user license for the specific purpose it is designed to perform, such as, Barcoding & Warehousing, Service Mobile, Sicon CRM etc.

N.B. this will require a single Sage 200 Web User only license regardless of the number of handheld devices.

1. Sicon Sage 200 Web API Pre-Requisites

Sicon WebAPI v20 and above now require .NET framework 4.7.2 to be installed.

*It’s vital that this is checked and confirmed before go-live or a live upgrade is scheduled*


  • The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 must be installed on the Sage Application server.
  • An appropriate Service login must be created on the domain. This is detailed in the “Create Service Account” section below.
  • A Sage Web User license must be applied to the Sage instance. These must be purchased via Sage directly.

Create Service Account

Create a new Domain User that will be used to access Sage 200, such as DOMAIN\SiconWebAPI. Select the ‘password never expires’ option, and make the user a member of your Sage 200 Users Active Directory group.

Sicon Sage200 WEB API - SiconWebAPI Properties

Give the account permission to log on as a service. This can be performed under the “Local Security Policy” option found on the Active Directory server.

Sicon Sage200 WEB API - Local Security

Open Sage System Administrator.

Right-click ‘Users’ then select ‘Update Users’ from the drop-down menu. Press OK to link the new Sage User.

Sicon Sage200 WEB API - Manager User Lists

Right-click on the user and choose properties, then click ‘Is Web User’, then while still on the user properties screen click the ‘Company Access’ tab and select the companies you require the WebAPI to access. The more companies accessed, the higher the memory usage of the service will be, so it is recommended to keep it to a minimum. Then Click OK.

Sicon Sage200 WEB API - User Properties

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