Product overview

Help and User Guide maintained for WAP version v201x.17.0.0 up to 17.0.15

This additional set of features for Sage 200 help provide some additional analysis and processing for invoices and month end routines in Sage 200 when used in conjunction Sicon WAP.

1. Installation

The WAP Add-on is installed via Sage 200 System Administration module. Its features will need to be added to User Roles in order for these to be visible in the Sage 200 menus.

2. Authorised Nominals

If certain nominal codes do not require approval in WAP, these can be added under Authorised Nominals.  Invoices are input against Suppliers or POs as normal, the invoice will not be flagged as unauthorised and will not be pulled through to WAP for approval.  If an invoice is input with multiple lines and some nominal codes are marked as Authorised, all lines will be pulled into WAP and will require approval.  Search for the nominal code and click Add to include the code in the Authorised Nominal Accounts list.

If Authorised Nominals are to be configured, all users inputting invoices onto Sage will need the WAP Addon > Authorised Nominal Accounts setting enabled on their Sage Role.

WAP Addon HUG Image 1

3. Settings

3.1. Enable WAP Invoice Extra Fields

Setting this to be True will allow an alternate approver to be selected when posting the purchase ledger invoice and also allow notes to be added that will be pulled through to WAP.  See example below.  If an alternate approver is selected, the pre-configured approval route will not be used and will only be sent to that one user.  N.B. this functionality is not configured for invoices entered against a PO.

WAP Addon HUG Image 3

3.2. Imported Invoices Do Not Require Authorisation

Setting this to True will set that any imported invoices will not be marked as Unauthorised and will not be pulled through to WAP for approval.

3.3. Stop Unauthorised Invoices Being Unticked

This relates to the Purchase Ledger setting “Requires Authorisation”.  Once the “Requires Authorisation” setting is switched on, all purchase invoices entered of any value will set the ‘requires authorisation’ check box on the purchase invoice entry screen to be checked by default.  All invoices will be posted to the balance sheet unauthorised purchase invoice control account and be pulled through to WAP for approval.  Configuring this setting to be True will mean that the tick box will be able to be unticked, so long as the amount of the invoice is less than the amount configured in the PL setting (see below).

WAP Addon HUG Image 4

Once the system is fully operational the Company will require all invoices to be approved, but when the WAP invoice approval system is first used only some invoices should be sent to WAP and the rest should not require authorisation.

By configuring this setting to True, the ‘requires authorisation’ check box will be unticked by default and will need to be checked when an invoice needs to be sent to WAP for approval.

Note: it is important that the standard Sage setting in Purchase Ledger for the value that ‘Requires Authorisation’ is set high enough.  If an invoice is entered above the value entered we will not be able to uncheck the box and the invoice will be sent to WAP for approval.

WAP Addon HUG Image 5

3.4. WAP Connection String

If invoices are input into WAP rather than Sage 200 (i.e. if Sage Commercials has not been installed), enter the WAP Connection string to configure a new tab on PL Supplier Transaction Enquiry to show all Pending Invoices that are awaiting approval in WAP.  This is to show the balances that will be posting through once approved.

WAP Addon HUG Image 6

4. Self-reversing journal – for Unauthorised Invoices

When using Sicon WAP for invoice approval, the Purchase Ledger setting for invoices to require approval will have been set and these will be posted to the Unauthorised Nominal account until fully approved, regardless of the nominal coding entered.

This is done so that amendments to the nominal codes, or additional nominal code splitting can be carried out when the invoices are approved.  At month end this can leave a significant value on the balance sheet that typically needs to be moved to the profit and loss or balance sheet accounts that they were coded to.

The self-reversing journal routine picks up all unauthorised invoices up to a specified date and allows them to be posted to the nominal code they were originally coded to.  A self-reversing journal is automatically created for the following period to enable the authorisation process to clear the invoices automatically.

The self-reversing journal created is put on hold by default so that it can be amended by the Finance team before posting to the nominal ledger.

WAP Addon HUG Image 7

5. POP Order Return Accrual Report

Providing additional analysis to that already provided within Sage 200.

There are four additional reports in the WAP Addon, two covering disputed invoices and two covering standard purchase order accruals.  These reports allow the accruals to be analysed and grouped by Nominal Code or Purchase Order.

An example of the Purchase Order Accrual by Nominal code is shown below:WAP Addon HUG Image 8


6. New Features & Important Information

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