Product overview

Help and User Guide maintained for WAP version v201x.17.0.0 and upwards

This additional set of features for Sage 200 help provide some additional analysis and processing for invoices and month end routines in Sage 200 when used in conjunction Sicon WAP.

1. Installation

The WAP Add-on is installed via Sage 200 System Administration module. Its features will need to be added to User Roles in order for these to be visible in the Sage 200 menus.

2. Authorised Nominals

If certain nominal codes do not require approval in WAP, these can be added under Authorised Nominals.  Invoices are input against Suppliers or POs as normal, the invoice will not be flagged as unauthorised and will not be pulled through to WAP for approval.  If an invoice is input with multiple lines and some nominal codes are marked as Authorised, all lines will be pulled into WAP and will require approval.  Search for the nominal code and click Add to include the code in the Authorised Nominal Accounts list.

If Authorised Nominals are to be configured, all users inputting invoices onto Sage will need the WAP Addon > Authorised Nominal Accounts setting enabled on their Sage Role.

WAP Addon HUG Image 1

3. Settings

3.1. Enable WAP Invoice Extra Fields

Setting this to be True will allow an alternate approver to be selected when posting the purchase ledger invoice and also allow notes to be added that will be pulled through to WAP.  See example below.  If an alternate approver is selected, the pre-configured approval route will not be used and will only be sent to that one user.  N.B. this functionality is not configured for invoices entered against a PO.

WAP Addon HUG Image 3

3.2. Imported Invoices Do Not Require Authorisation

Setting this to True will set that any imported invoices will not be marked as Unauthorised and will not be pulled through to WAP for approval.

3.3. Stop Unauthorised Invoices Being Unticked

This relates to the Purchase Ledger setting “Requires Authorisation”.  Once the “Requires Authorisation” setting is switched on, all purchase invoices entered of any value will set the ‘requires authorisation’ check box on the purchase invoice entry screen to be checked by default.  All invoices will be posted to the balance sheet unauthorised purchase invoice control account and be pulled through to WAP for approval.  Configuring this setting to be True will mean that the tick box will be able to be unticked, so long as the amount of the invoice is less than the amount configured in the PL setting (see below).

WAP Addon HUG Image 4

Once the system is fully operational the Company will require all invoices to be approved, but when the WAP invoice approval system is first used only some invoices should be sent to WAP and the rest should not require authorisation.

By configuring this setting to True, the ‘requires authorisation’ check box will be unticked by default and will need to be checked when an invoice needs to be sent to WAP for approval.

Note: it is important that the standard Sage setting in Purchase Ledger for the value that ‘Requires Authorisation’ is set high enough.  If an invoice is entered above the value entered we will not be able to uncheck the box and the invoice will be sent to WAP for approval.

WAP Addon HUG Image 5

3.4. WAP Connection String

If invoices are input into WAP rather than Sage 200 (i.e. if Sage Commercials has not been installed), enter the WAP Connection string to configure a new tab on PL Supplier Transaction Enquiry to show all Pending Invoices that are awaiting approval in WAP.  This is to show the balances that will be posting through once approved.

WAP Addon HUG Image 6

4. Self-reversing journal – for Unauthorised Invoices

When using Sicon WAP for invoice approval, the Purchase Ledger setting for invoices to require approval will have been set and these will be posted to the Unauthorised Nominal account until fully approved, regardless of the nominal coding entered.

This is done so that amendments to the nominal codes, or additional nominal code splitting can be carried out when the invoices are approved.  At month end this can leave a significant value on the balance sheet that typically needs to be moved to the profit and loss or balance sheet accounts that they were coded to.

The self-reversing journal routine picks up all unauthorised invoices up to a specified date and allows them to be posted to the nominal code they were originally coded to.  A self-reversing journal is automatically created for the following period to enable the authorisation process to clear the invoices automatically.

The self-reversing journal created is put on hold by default so that it can be amended by the Finance team before posting to the nominal ledger.

WAP Addon HUG Image 7

5. POP Order Return Accrual Report

Providing additional analysis to that already provided within Sage 200.

There are four additional reports in the WAP Addon, two covering disputed invoices and two covering standard purchase order accruals.  These reports allow the accruals to be analysed and grouped by Nominal Code or Purchase Order.

An example of the Purchase Order Accrual by Nominal code is shown below:WAP Addon HUG Image 8


6. Sicon V18 New Features & Important Information

New Features:

  • A Redesigned Default Expense Voucher and Default Categorised Expense Voucher Report to include Pay Code as a
  • To view these, you may need to delete your existing report and refresh (if there are no report customisations or you do not need to keep the customisations) or add the field manually in design view.
  • Added ability to disable posting of Mileage- or Expense Item Lines on a per user These lines need to be processed separately using the Expense Payroll Posting functionality. This is a User Type permission.
  • Added ability to book off jobs on time and attendance screens by scanning a
  • Added popup to TA screen for quantity complete (works orders) when booking off a
  • Booking off all jobs on TA screen asks if you want to set all the Qty completed to the total amount for any works orders in the
  • Logging out of TA screen will warn if there are any works orders that need a Qty set before logging off.
  • Initial list of Job costing headers are filtered by a setting on the Job (in)
  • Quantity complete and operation ID posting to works
  • Added Goods received approval A new entry will be created each time goods are received against an item.
  • Added Goods fully received approval A new entry will be created each time an item is fully received. The entry will indicate whether it was part of a final receipt.
  • Added Order Goods Fully Received approval A new entry will be created once an entire Order is fully received. o Added a Goods Fully received notification. A new notification will be generated when an Order has been fully received. o Added a Goods Received Amended approval history. A new entry will be created each time a receipt line is amended. o Added Job costing user import page.
  • Added new costing popup to rapid timesheet Allow selection of job, variation, item, phases and stages from a single control.
  • Allow invoice lines to be split by invoice editors as well as
  • Added the ability to split expense lines that were created by Credit Card Statement Once a line is split, it can only be submitted if the total for the statement line still matches up. If a split line is deleted the value will be added back to the original line regardless of changes to the expense line such as expense type or nominal
  • Added ability to configure a Nominal per line on Order Setting this nominal will override the default nominal set from the Stock/Warehouse.
  • Added ability to export the imported statement result grid of Credit Card Statement
  • Added Line Numbers to all document types, reports and approval history
  • Added a popup keypad to the book off works order quantity control to allow easier editing of
  • Changed standard timesheet entry to allow editing of JC and WO time that has been posted to sage when the timesheet is submitted.
  • New user popup to collect initial details and validate before Existing user can be used as a template to create new users.
  • Added a new feature to determine whether machine time appears on the Book on job control for operations
  • Added a new popup keypad control on TA
  • Added the ability to pick the finished works order quantity by
  • The operation name will be shown in addition to the operation description on the touch screen terminals
  • Works Order transactions posted to sage will now have the start and end date set.
  • Added new theme ‘R18Dark’
  • Added button to show cleared system messages
  • Added Quotes User type settings
  • Added Quotes menu
  • Added Quote screens and approval
  • If default supplier contact doesn’t exist or the contact has no telephone or fax number, it will be populated from the supplier
  • Added a column to invoice approval report for Sage user name for invoices generated in
  • Added a new approval history type for when items restart an approval route to distinguish from items that are sent for approval the first
  • Added User Self Approval Values to User Approval Values
  • Added Setting to include Sage Company in The setting is off by default and can be found in the Misc Tab of System Settings under the Notifications section.
  • Added “Allow previous approvers” columns to approval route import
  • When selecting a stock item on an order line it will now drop down the warehouse comobox if there is not a value selected
  • Added the ability to specify the first cut-off rate when adding a rate change for fuel rates
  • Added ability to record low level auditing of database field changes to Order and Order Line The setting is enabled by default and can be disabled in the Misc Settings logging section
  • Added an Audit History Tab to Order
  • Added Line summary text to existing holiday request
  • Added ability to record low level auditing of database field changes to Timesheet and Timesheet Line
  • Added setting to hide “Remember Me” option on the Log in
  • Auditing of new document and document item creation added.
  • Added Date filter to Audit History
  • Added Audit History to User
  • Added Separate Audit Tab to System
  • Added the ability to export approval routes to
  • Added the ability to export user nominal values on the import user nominals
  • Added option to set default tax rate of order line free text and charge item to be set from the Supplier’s default rate on page
  • Added option to set default tax rate of sales order line free text and charge item to be set from the Customer’s default rate on page
  • Added Audit Log type to record when an order gets a PO Number allocated from
  • Added option to nominal allocations import to maintain or delete existing records.
  • Added the ability to see stock item images on sales and purchase order stock line
  • Added Business Units column to Timesheet Projects
  • Changed all instances of report user selection filters to read “My Delegates” and “My Business Unit(s)” rather than “Delegates” and “Business Unit”.
  • Moved the job / barcode search text box on the time and attendance dashboard to the top of the page, it’s now used to book on and book off
  • Added an additional popup when booking on to a job to show the job / works order / operation
  • Added the ability to view the works order finished item image when booking onto a job from the touch screen
  • Added a hover over on the description for stock lines on requisition entry to show the amended
  • Load thumbnail for attachment and use zoomable image control to view on approve expenses
  • Added the ability to reset the route for all lines on Expense
  • Added the ability to reset the route for all lines on Sales Order
  • Added the ability to reset the route for all lines on Proposed Payment Entry.
  • Added the ability to reset the route for all lines on Timesheet
  • Added a status flag to the operation details popup to show if the operation is complete or
  • Changed the job and item selection control to load the job analysis labels from JC
  • Operation Comments are now scrollable on the time and attendance
  • Added a warning to the book off job control if the entered quantity is more than the outstanding qty.
  • Added a warning to the book off job control if the entered finished item quantity is more than the Works order
  • Added the ability to specify the finished item quantity to book into stock on the final
  • Changed the TA login screen to not show the keypad if it’s not a touch screen
  • Changed the TA dashboard page to not show popup keyboards when not at a touch screen location.
  • Order Line entry now supports selecting Confirmation
  • Majority of reports will now have a link on the report lines to redirect a user directly to the relevant document entry
  • Users will now be given a notification when booking time on the same day as time already approved as holiday on the current timesheet.
  • Added ability to include leavers in Search page user
  • The Time and attendance dashboard screen will now always focus on the project code / barcode box when the page loads (even after post )
  • Changed WAP to check the quantity outstanding in WAP on operations that have not been sent to sage
  • Added Job Manager to the job costing selection control.
  • Added a banner at the bottom of the settings page as a note the WAP service may need a restart after changing
  • Changed the book off job control to focus the cursor on the quantity box when it
  • Added Proposed Payments functionality
  • (WAP Add-on) Changed the Generate payments screen to check whether there is an unapproved proposed payment in WAP and stop generation if it’s not
  • Added the ability in the WAP add-on to use the WAP objects
  • Improved the readability of Audit History page by displaying user friendly properly values when auditing only record related IDs, such as costing Header
  • Proposed payments generated in sage will now complete the payment in
  • Added ability to submit holiday requests from time and attendance o Added ability to submit holiday requests from time and attendance screens. o Added All Sales Order Lines Report.
  • Implemented Analysis code support for Sales Analysis codes can now have custom labels and be configured to display or hide in approval reports and Sales Order search page and be searchable in Sales Order page.
  • Added Audit History for User Type Edit
  • Added ability to add Justification Value bands to This allows specification of a minimum amount of attachments required to submit a requisition based on requisition value. This functionality can be configured by a System Account user through the System Settings page under the Requisitions tab.
  • When MRP orders are now picked up by WAP the nominal account will be taken from the job Header if
  • Added a file viewer to the view proposed payment
  • Added the ability to view DMS attachments from the invoices on the approve proposed payments
  • Added Requisition Quote
  • Setting added to determine whether to show the Book In finished item quantity box on the book off job control
  • Added ability to import Requisitions from User Types need to be granted permission to import Requisitions. Contact your Business Partner/Sicon if you wish to enable this feature
  • Sales Order attachments will now be added to DMS if integration is enabled
  • Requisition attachments will now be added to DMS if integration is enabled
  • Requisition Justification documents will now be added to DMS if integration is enabled
  • Added a “Justification” tab to sales order and moved the file attachment control to the tab so users won’t have to enable viewing additional information to perform file attachments
  • Made it clearer on Expense Line entry which lines are split from an original line with row highlighting
  • Users will no longer be able to select nominal accounts that aren’t posting accounts on order line entry

Important Information


  • Added an analysis code to the Expense Meeting Entity for reporting purposes.
  • Added the ability to determine whether subsistence can be claimed per user. v17.558.0.126
  • Added a setting to determine whether client files are synchronised in the service configuration. v17.571.0.168
  • After this upgrade, existing PO reports will have to be deleted and refreshed to get the new call-off orders reports. If there are customisations to original reports, these will be lost through this process so is optional.

v17.588.0.256 Database changes

  • SiWorksOrderLineID added to TimesheetLine Table
  • SiWorksOrderLineID added to JobActivity Table


  • All taken, Submitted and Booked holiday hours will now be calculated dynamically rather than stored in the database, this way it will be impossible to get out of sync with the totals for holiday requests in the database.
  • Added SQL server client tools as a pre-requisite on the installer for sites that force TLS 1.2 security due to windows update.


  • Latest version of Job Costing will be required to address an issue with changing jobs for lines that already have receipts recorded.


  • ‘Rework’ column added to JobActivity table.
  • Rework column added to TimesheetLine table. v17.590.0.270
  • Changed the WAP service and installers to no longer deploy sage assemblies and instead copy them from the sage server folder when it starts.
  • Database change: Added SOPMandatoryAnalysisBehaviour setting.
  • The SOP analysis codes and mandatory analysis behaviour need to be configured in WAP system settings to validate the analysis codes as required.


  • WOFinishedItemQuantity added to JobActivity table.
  • WOFinishedItemQuantity added to TimesheetLineTable table. v17.609.32.1
  • Changed the WAP service and installers to no longer deploy sage assemblies and instead copy them from the sage server folder when it starts.


  • The SOP analysis codes and mandatory analysis behaviour need to be configured in WAP system settings to validate the analysis codes as required.


  • To view the Sales Order Lines report, the user type needs to be allocated the View Sales Order Reports permission.


  • InvoiceID Added to ProposedPaymentLine table.


  • In order to use Quote Requests, the report needs to be configured for each Sage Connection and the user type needs permission to print quotes.
  • Added Columns [QuoteRequestPrinted] and [QuoteRequestEmailed] columns to Order table.
  • Added [QuoteRequestReport] column to SageDatabase table.
  • Added [CanPrintQuoteRequests] column to UserType table.


  • The exchange rate between the two currencies need to be configured in both the base currency database and the document database. Differences between these two could lead to issues with approval value conversion.

[Last Important Information August 20, 2018.]

Sicon WAP v18 New Features & Important Information

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