WAP Help and User Guide – Mobile App End User Install Guide

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Product overview

The WAP Mobile App is available for iOS and Android users and can provide a quick and easy way to enter or approve documents and reduce the risk of receipts or goods received documents being lost.  Configuration must be done in the WAP Web App prior to the mobile app being used – please refer to the install guide for further information on this.

This guide covers how to install the app on a users’ device, assuming configuration has already been done.  A summary is below and further detail on each stage is available in the guide.

1. WAP App Install

Establish which version of the WAP Mobile app is required by checking the first digit of your WAP webpage (top right corner):

WAP version Mobile App version IoS download Android download
18.X.X Sicon WAP v18 From IoS app store, search for ‘Sicon WAP v18’ https://install.appcenter.ms/orgs/siconltd/apps/sicon-wap-release-19/distribution_groups/v18.0.6


19.X.X Sicon WAP v19 From IoS app store, search ‘Sicon WAP v19’ https://install.appcenter.ms/orgs/SiconLtd/apps/Sicon-WAP-v19/distribution_groups/Public%20Access
191.X.X Sicon WAP v19.1 From IoS app store, search ‘Sicon WAP v18’ https://install.appcenter.ms/orgs/siconltd/apps/sicon-wap-v19.1/distribution_groups/public

Download the relevant version of the app from iOS or Microsoft App Centre as a standard app.

V19.1 (v191)

If on your mobile device you have an app to scan QR codes, it is possible to use this to scan the QR code from Your Personal WAP settings on the WAP Website, to automatically reach the correct content rather than using the links above.



In WAP, click on the icon to Personalise your settings, and from within here are 3 sets of QR codes under the Mobile App Links banner, which can be used to install and set up the app.

IOS: Scan this code with an iPhone to be taken to the download link for Apple devices, and then download as a standard app.

It is also possible to click on the ‘Download on the AppStore’ link which goes to the download address in a web browser.

Android: Scan this code with an Android to be taken to the download link for Android devices, and then download as a standard app.

It is also possible to click on the ‘Download for Android’ link which goes to the download address in a web browser.

Endpoint address: Once the app has been downloaded, this code can be scanned from within the App.  See 2. WAP Mobile App Configuration.

2. WAP Mobile App Configuration

Once the mobile app has been installed on a user’s device, open the App and a prompt to set up the app will appear.

Click ok to this message.

Click on the cogs to be taken into the Settings (it will not be possible to log into the app until initial configuration has been completed)

Web API URL:  use the QR scan icon to scan the QR code from your System settings (Mobile App Links – Endpoint Address).

The URL can also be entered manually and must match as entered into WAP Web System Settings.  If this URL is not entered correctly, users will not be able to log into the WAP Mobile app.

This will enter the URL address and can also be manually typed in if preferred.

The following options can be ignored at this stage however further information on each is below when ready to configure:

Remember Me:  if this is ticked, the user will be logged in automatically when loading the app.
If this the user will be working offline, this setting must be enabled for users to be able to login while the device is offline.
NB. It is not recommended to enable this if multiple users are to log in via the same device.

Use Windows Authentication:  tick this if Windows Authentication is configured in WAP.

Sync on Login
:  once installed, syncing the app is required to transfer the information from the WAP App to the next stage.  See WAP Mobile App login

This setting will be off until the first full sync has been done and can then be switched on if required.
On login a partial sync will be done which will obtain the latest holiday entitlement and tax rates.

Weeks to Sync
:  choose the number of weeks to sync; by default, this is set to 8 weeks.

Advanced Settings

Database Reset
:  this option can be used to reset all WAP data stored on the device.  For example, if multiple users are logging into the app from the same device, it is recommended that the database is reset between logins.  This setting will remove any journeys the user has marked as on their favourite list.

If the database has been reset, a full sync will need to be done once the user has logged in.

Connection Timeout (30-300 Secs)
:  if the app does not have a response from the service during sync, the sync will fail.  The default will be 60 but this might need to be increased if the connection to the server is slow.


Close the settings and the device will return to the login screen.

If the user requires to view their password on entry, click the eye icon.

3. WAP Mobile App Login

Enter username and password and click log in.  When a user first logs in they will see a message to state that a full sync is required.  Click the sync icon at the top right to access the sync page.

Users will not be able to login if the Web API URL is not correct, or they are offline do not have ‘Remember Me’ ticked in the settings.

4. Sync

When a user first logs in they will see a message to state that a full sync is required.  Click the sync icon at the top right to access the sync page.

Click the option to Sync items, then in the next screen choose the option to Full Sync.

While the sync is happening a green progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with a yellow bar below showing exactly what is being synced.  When the sync has been successful, the screen can be closed.

A full sync is recommended to ensure the latest status of a document or entitlement is shown.  If a document has been submitted, e.g. a new expense claim, choose the option to only sync waiting items.

N.B: it is not possible to select to run a full sync if there are items waiting to be synced.

Once the full sync has been complete, the user will be returned to their homepage to see either any documents awaiting their approval or the option to add a new document.

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