WAP Help and User Guide – Mobile App Install Guide (IT)

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Product overview

1. What is Mobile Access?

This will enable the WAP system to allow access from mobile devices connected via the WAP Mobile app. This mobile access service is hosted within the WAP Windows service, not under IIS.

Configuration of Mobile Access is to be completed by your I.T. Department or Network Administrator. Sicon is not responsible for configuring the WAP Mobile Access and if any issues are encountered, will defer the setup to your I.T.

2. How do I configure Mobile Access?

Below is a screenshot of where Mobile Access details are entered in the WAP Desktop (Settings cogs – System Settings banner – Miscellaneous – Mobile Access).  Further information for what is required for each section is explained below.

WAP Install - Image 1

Enable Mobile Service: enables or disables the mobile service (requires WAP Service restart).

Https? (service runs as https): Tick this or the next setting if site requires a secure connection. The applicable setting will depend on how the secure connection has been configured by IT.

Https Proxy? (service runs as http but address uses https): Use this only if HTTPS is handled exclusively (aka SSL Offloading) by an external web proxy such as Amazon Web Services. The applicable setting will depend on how the secure connection has been configured by IT.

Unless using a VPN we recommend enabling one of these options, which require a trusted certificate installed on the server. The trusted certificate is purchased by your network administrator from a certificate authority such as Comodo, Thawte or GoDaddy.

Service Address: the address used by the app to connect to the server. The default would be the server name (e.g. WAPSERVER or SAGESERVER), for external access this would be whichever host name you have configured in your external DNS (e.g. wap.company.com). Refer to your network administrator if there are any queries on this.

Port Number: This is the Port Number that the WAP mobile service will listen on. 61000 is the default port. It MUST be different to the WAP website (usually default in IIS which is usually port 80 or 443 if using SSL).

Mobile Service Endpoint address: automatically generated. This is what will be entered on the app.

The https certificate thumbprint: this is the thumbprint of the trusted certificate which is installed on the server that you wish to use for mobile access. The certificate must match the server address above (e.g. wap.company.com). This can be found on the certificate details.

WAP Install - Image 2

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