Enhancement Pack

Sicon has created many enhancements for Sage 200 that are too small to become products on their own. In order to make these readily available, we have included over 90 enhancements and utilities to our Enhancement Pack modules.

Enhancement Pack – Detailed description

The Enhancement Pack is regularly updated with new features and functionality changes, so always refer to the Enhancement Pack Help and User Guides on the Sicon website for a full list of enhancements and a full descriptions of the functionality provided.

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200.
  • Runs within all Sage 200 companies at no additional cost.
  • Available for all Sage 200 users based on permissions at no additional cost.

Enhancement Pack features include:

  • Multi module features including pop-up notes for customers, suppliers and stock items.
  • Memo tabs for SOP, POP and order processing exchange rates updated after ASM updates.
  • New Account /Stock item prompt list, existing account numbers / stock codes listed.
  • Nominal ledger journal import with tax.
  • Price bands by delivery location and update prices and discount groups by percentage.
  • Purchase ledger auto duplicate warning and reprint remittance from Transaction Enquiry.
  • Purchase Order Accruals with detailed narrative and supplier price and quantity breaks.
  • Hold all sales orders when customer account placed on hold, reason for SOP return.
  • Copy a sales order to a return, display customer memo in SOP, force Proforma entry.
  • Import SOP delivery addresses and SOP special prices by date range.
  • Use stock item updater to make bulk changes to stock items.
  • Hide stock item bins with no stock levels.
  • Maintain customer stock codes on stock items and search in customer codes in SOP.
  • Import Sales and Purchase orders into Sage 200.
  • Stock type conversion to allow product groups to be changed from non-traceable to traceable or vice versa.
  • Warehouse to bin migration tool to consolidate multiple warehouses into a single Sage 200 warehouse.

NB: SOP functions are available when entering a full order on Sage 200.

Sales and Purchase Ledger

Customer, Supplier, Cashbook, Nominal & Stock Account/Item Prompt when creating New

Auto check duplicate purchase invoice:
automates the existing duplicate invoice check in POP matching and invoice entry.

Maintain Spare Text 1:
add a custom label and custom values to this spare text field that exists in the standard Sage 200 database.

Write off small amounts:
a new ’select all’ button is added to this screen to enable quick selection of all transactions to write off.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Copy a Sales Order to a Sales Return:
select a sales order and generate a matching return document within Sage 200 Sales order processing.

SOP , special prices , selecting by customer analysis fields, add ability to add same product for the same date range but validate it is not for the same customer and Allow blank dates for same product, with different customers.

Order Processing Pop-up for SOP & POP:
to display special instructions or procedural reminders (e.g. always obtain PO) at order entry time. Created on a new tab on customer and supplier record.

View SOP & POP account memo’s:
provides a new button on Sales and purchase orders to allow the user to view Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger memo’s directly.

View stock item history from SOP line:
new button added to SOP line to show stock transaction sales history for the selected sales order customer and order line stock item.

Customisable Sales Order Status:
a simple utility to allow users to create sales order status’. Access the status through the list view to create a workflow for departments.

Amend Sales order lines dates in a grid:
allows the user to amend dates without having to open each sales order line and amend them one at a time.

Edit Purchase Order delivery Address:
edit the standard delivery address tab on a Purchase Order – normally you are not able to amend these fields.

Hold Sales Order with Zero value lines:
automatically puts SO on hold when a zero line has been added.

Hold all sales orders when a customer is put on stop:
this will prompt the user when a customer account is put on stop to put all sales orders on stop also. Sales orders can still be shipped if a customer account is on stop and the order is not held. All Sales orders can be taken off hold when the customer is taken off stop.

View customer account enquiry from new or amend Sales Order screens:
opens the Sales order enquiry screen from the sales order screen.

Show stock item description
Show stock item description on Sales Order Despatch screen: additional column added to the standard despatch screen to show stock item description.

Override SOP nominal cost centre based on warehouse:
set a specific cost centre per warehouse location and this enhancement will override the sales order cost centre to reflect the warehouse cost centre that the Sales order line is linked to. Ideal for multi branch sales locations, (cost of sales may need to be set to post to revenue cost centre in SOP settings).

SOP proforma account control:
stops direct Sales Order entry forcing the creation of a Proforma and conversion to a Sales Order for all proforma flagged accounts.

Nominal Ledger

Nominal Enquiry drill down:
view source transaction in Sales or Purchase ledger from the nominal enquiry screen, (includes payments and receipts).

Import Next Years budget:
load next years budgets into the nominal ledger budget fields from a csv template, (identical format to Sage 200 budget import).

Stock Control

Manage all of your assets
Manage all of your assets easily in one place. There are five depreciation methods available with options for percentage and life in periods. There are many reports included with the product, which will enable you to print information based on criteria that you wish to view.

Retrospective Stock Valuation Sage 200:
value stock at any historical date with item drill down showing every transaction movement and cost from today’s level backwards to the chosen date.

Stock Take from Excel:
run the Sage 200 stock take then create spread sheets for stock taking. Once updated import these spread sheets and either adjust the stock take screen values or post the adjustments with the correct date to stock transaction history with the correct costing method (not average) for each adjustment made.

Customer Stock History Enquiry screen
Customer Stock History Enquiry screen changed to Sage grid control to make ‘send to excel’ option available.

Stock Location Wizard:
allows bulk addition and removal of bin locations.

Import Stock Item
Import Stock Item Traceable Opening Balances [STK017] function added.

Populate all Warehouses:
when adding a new stock item all warehouses are updated.

Stock Update from csv:
keep your stock data in a spread sheet and import it back into Sage to bulk update fields including stock descriptions and product groups, prices, suppliers, search categories, warehouse and bin information.

Filter stock item
Filter stock item selection by supplier in purchase orders processing: only show stock items linked to the supplier (on the stock record) when raising a purchase order.


Cash Book Bank Reconciliation Second Reference Tool-Tips function added. Transaction 2nd reference field will be displayed when hover over.

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