Product overview

Help and User Guide maintained for Shop Floor Data Capture version 18.0.0 up to 191.0.1

This module can be used for easily recording time against works orders and also for recording employee time and attendance from a hand held device. The handheld device communicates directly with Sage200 in real time using Web API technology, meaning there is no data to synchronise.

1. Pre-Requisites

What will I need installed to make this work?

  1. Sage 200 installed with the Sage 200 Commercial modules.
  2. The Sicon Web API installed. (NB: this is the same Web API required for Sicon Service Mobile and Sicon Tasks and Contacts Mobile).
  3. The Sicon SFDC Add-On in Sage.
  4. The Sicon SFDC App installed on the tablet.
  5. Sicon Manufacturing and Job Costing installed.

2. Configuration

There are three parts that need installation and configuration for the Shop Floor Data Capture solution to work.

  1. The Sage Sicon 200 SFDC ‘add on’ needs to be installed in Sage system administration. Access to the module can then be set up for the Sage users. For sites that want to record time against Sicon work orders, the Sicon manufacturing ‘add on’ also need to be installed.
  2. The Sicon Web API needs to be installed and configured.
  3. The Sicon SFDC application needs to be installed on a suitable android device.

3. Maintenance

3.1. Bank Holidays

Allows entry of bank holidays so these are not included in availability.

See Job Costing Help & User Guide – Bank Holidays

3.2. Maintain Employees

Shop floor data users are set up in the maintain employees section of the module. The user needs to be flagged as a Shop Floor user and a pin needs to be set for use when logging into the app.


3.3. Maintain Teams

In this screen teams can be linked to work patterns, to dictate rates and availability.

3.4. Maintain Timesheet Leaving Reasons

Time and Attendance leaving reasons can be set up, so they can be selected in the handheld.

3.5. Maintain Timesheet Locations

Locations can be set up for SFDC users to state their location on log in.

3.6. Maintain Stop Reasons

Stop reasons can be created for use when stopping an operation in the handheld.

3.7. Maintain Work Patterns

Allows works patterns to be configured that can then be linked to the teams

3.8. Settings


In this screen you can add in the enable string to license the product.

The WebAPIURL links the handheld devices to Sage. You can navigate to the web URL (remove the /api off the URL link), you can log in to see information about the Web API, and error logging.

There is a link to the app down load website for use when installing on the handheld.

You can also create a QR code for logging into the Web API on the handheld.


  • Time and Attendance Mode: Allows time and attendance to be logged on the app.
  • Disable Shopfloor Mode: Disables the ability for users to be able time on operations.
  • Labour Operations Only: Labour operations will only be available in the app
  • Enable ‘Fully Complete’ (allows to fully complete the operation): Allows operations to be fuly completed from the handheld.
  • Disable Work Pattern Use: not currently used
  • Enable Manual Cost Rate Select: not currently used
  • Auto Logout: Enables the app to log out automatically- not currently used

Idle Time (Seconds) you can set the time that the app will auto log out (needs to be greater than 20 seconds).

Non Conformance:

Non-conformance can be enabled and configured.

When in the handheld the option to raise a non conformance when stopping an operation is available.

Further details of the non-conformance and who to assign the task can be set.

Once submitted, the task gets created in Sage, and can be managed from the Sicon task and contact module.

4. Enquiry

4.1. Entry

Amend Timesheet Clock In Line: Allows timesheet clock in lines to be entered/amended.

Timesheet Entry: Allows timesheets to be entered or amended.

4.2. View Timesheet Current Clocks Ins

In this screen you can see users which are currently timing within the SFDC app.

5. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - Sage Menu Items - Enquiry

When all users are shown, the green column colour indicates what users are currently actively timing.

6. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - View Current Clock Ins

4.3. View Timesheet Clock In Lines

This shows the timesheet history, where employees have logged in and out for particular dates.

7. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - View Current Clock In Lines

5. Installing the SFDC Application on the Handheld

On the handheld device, open google chrome and scan the app download link (or key in manually).

10. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - app screens

Click on download, then install

8. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - app screens 2

You then need to scan or enter the Web API address

9. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - app screens 3

Then click on login.

You then need to select a company and enter the pin number of the user logging in.

Then click on login You then need to select a company and enter the pin number of the user logging in.

You can then choose a location to login into

12. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - app screens 5

6. Handheld Features


6.1. WO/Operations

A WO operation barcode can be scanned or entered here to load the appropriate operation. Operation barcodes can be printed from within the Sicon works order, using the print route card report.

The timer can then be started

The operation turns blue, to indicate that it is being timed on.

Clicking on stop/pause then opens the following window.

Clicking on stop/pause asks the user to enter a quantity completed and select a reason for the stop/pause.


The system then updates the time to the works order in Sage. If the full quantity has not been completed, then operation lines remain open and additional time can be added.

Clicking on fully complete, fully completes the operation.

Once the full quantity has been completed, if the works order operation is scanned again, the operation can be reworked and additional time can be added to the operation.

6.2. User Activity

When a user is timing on an operation, this shows in the user activity screen.

Clicking on the user activity will take the user to the active operations.

The percentage bar shows how much of the quantity/time has been completed.

6.3. Multi Start

Allows multiple operations to be started at the same time. You can scan multiple operations.

25. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide - multi start stop

Printing the WO route card from Sage, displays the WO barcode and operation barcodes.

26. Shop Floor Data Capture Help and User Guide -single works order route card

You can scan multiple barcodes and then start timing on these at the same time.

6.4. Logout

Logs the user out of the handheld, but does not stop the timers

6.5. Leave

Clicking on leave opens the time and attendance menu, where the user can state they are leaving.

6.6. Customer Scan Tool

Selecting the bottom right barcode scan option will open the handheld camera. A barcode can then be scanned.

6.7. Time and Attendance

With the Time and Attendance set to be used on the handheld, multiple users can login and start a timer.

When the user logs into the app they are prompted with the following screen. The user can then stop the time and attendance time by leaving or go into the shop floor data capture menu.

6.8. Job Costing

From the main setting screen on the app, the job costing menu option can be selected.

Jobs can be searched for and then operations on the jobs selected and the timer started/stopped.

7. Release Notes

The release notes page shows which release of the system includes new features or issues resolved.

At the release of Sicon v21 we announced that going forward, we will only be supporting Sage 200c and as such we are able to drop the year from our version numbers. We moved from to 210.0.0.

New features detailed in the Release Notes relating to Pre-Release versions will not be detailed in the current Help and User Guide until the end of development phase.

Shop Floor Data Capture Release Notes

8. New Features & Important Information

8.1. Sicon v21.1

Coming Soon!

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