WAP – Web Authorisation

WAP is a locally installed web based application designed specifically for real-time integration with Sage 200. Providing data entry and approval processing for business documents including Requisitions, Invoices, Expenses, Timesheets, Holidays, Sales Orders and HR. Approvals can be based on parameters such as nominal code, project/job, user, document type and value. Real-time analysis of committed costs, nominal and project actual costs against budgets.

Sicon WAP – Web Authorisation allows easy data entry and approval processing for business documents.

Current range of WAP – Web Authorisation modules available:

  • Web based application linked directly to one or multiple Sage companies.
  • Scalable from 1 to over 2000 users.
  • CSV Imports for users and approval routes.
  • Approval limits and entry limits per user.
  • Approval by single or groups of users per approval step.
  • Mandatory users included if over budget.
  • Mandatory users regardless of values.
  • Custom field values to drive approval behaviour.
  • Custom / ad-hoc approval routes available.
  • Integrate with Sage Project Accounting or Sicon Projects.
  • Integrated email notifications and reminders included within the product.
  • Restricted nominal code, project/Job code and expense items per user.
  • WAP Apps now available for timesheets, expenses, holidays requisitions and invoice approval.
  • Interactive reports with option to export to Excel.
  • Integrated with Sicon DMS and Draycir Document capture for document management images.

WAP – Web Authorisation Functionality – Detailed Descripton

Web based application
– for installation, upgrade and deployment to both internal and external users
– ideal for multi-site or remote distributed organisation
– locally installed to link directly to Sage

Scalable solution
– Implemented on sites with 10 to over 700 users

Secure user login
– user login security restricts access to system functions
– user accounts can be configured to use Windows Password Security.

Links directly to Sage
– real time nominal budget, actual & commitments are analysed

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies
– all authorisations are carried out in one system for multiple companies
– users are given access only to the required companies during setup.

Commitment Accounting
– calculates actual, deferred, historical, orders placed and unapproved requests to work out commitments v’s budgets in Sage 200

Sage Budgets
– uses the Sage budgets from Nominal codes and Project Accounting

Links to Sage
– creates Sage Purchase orders and uses created orders and actual postings in commitment calculations
– Project Accounting for each line of a requisition the user can select a project and project Item
– Users can be assigned to projects and project items
– Sage Payroll link employees & pay elements to Timesheet module rates to enable postings back to Payroll

Approval limits assigned per user

Approval routes by nominal code, project, user & value
– from one to unlimited authorisers per approval route
– requisitions approved when a user with sufficient authorisation is reached

Integrated e-mail notifications
– configurable notifications intervals per user.

Full approval audit trail
– available to view on every document type

Restrict nominal code, project or job by user
– restricting the list of codes available makes it simpler for users to select a valid code

User Dashboard
– users are presented with a dashboard containing notifications or links to items to approve.

Easy to learn
– screens are designed for non-IT users

User defined groups
– for restricted access to system options and functions
– user groups can also be used in approval routes.

Copying approval routes
– to speed up the configuration of the system you can copy an approval route by nominal, cost centre, department, report category, project or user.

Copy and Global replace users

Integration with Sicon Documents
– the WAP – Web Authorisation product can integrate with document management solutions to view and archive documents related to authorisation transactions.

System Requirements
– links to Sage 200 in real time but requires no extra Sage 200 user licence
– MS SQL Server 2012 or above, MS IIS server
– Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome is required

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